When Should I Plant Tomatoes? Three Gardening Time Management Tips For a Busy Life

Sometimes the biggest problems growing tomatoes are not with the planting and caring but with finding the time to prepare the soil and get them into the ground. Gardening time management is just as important as all the other tomato gardening tips you have. For the busy family who also enjoys growing their own vegetables, the question, “When should I plant tomatoes?” might have less to do with with the last projected frost dates and more to do with your free time.

Preparing the soil is the main thing that needs done. Planting your tomato plants doesn’t take long. It should not be too hard to devise some gardening time management schedules to get these things done so you can get tomatoes planted as close to the optimum planting dates as possible.

Here are 3 “When Should I Plant Tomatoes?” ideas to consider:

Start your preparations early.

  • The soil can be turned over any time.
  • There is no tomato gardening tips that says it has to be worked the same time you are going to plant.
  • If your time is limited, you must start thinking about all of this early in the spring and spread out the tasks.
  • With daylight saving being moved back to early it March frees up more daylight hours to work outside.
  • You can turn the soil over the first time in March if that is when you have the time!

Divide the task into small steps.

  • There is also no official tomato gardening tips that say the whole garden needs worked at one time.
  • Do what you can in the hour or so you have on nice day after work while your spouse cooks dinner.
  • The next time you have some free moments go back and do some more.
  • There might be a weekend when you can put more time in.

Put garden preparation on the calendar – with “rain dates.”

  • Everyone knows once something is on the calendar, it becomes a priority and when conflicts arise it will be re-scheduled.
  • An effective gardening time management idea is to put two options right on your calendar for preparing the soil and another two for the actual planting.
  • You need one main plan and a back-up for rainy weather.
  • As those dates close in, you will figure out the best options, based on the weather, and your schedule.
  • It will allow you to concentrate on your more important problems growing tomatoes and reading up on the latest tomato gardening tips and advice.

“When should I plant tomatoes if I have a busy family schedule?” can be easily handled with some advance thought and organization. You need to be able to concentrate on the effective maintenance and the problems growing tomatoes that involve pests and drought, not planting issues. Your goal always is to harvest juicy tomatoes!

Source by Sue Gnagy Fegan

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