Why You Should Buy Gold Hoop Earrings

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Gold earrings are one of the best-selling categories of jewellery. We love them, too, because they allow you to create beautiful designs for every day or special occasion.

Gold Hoop Earrings

There are a huge number of designs on sale, and some of the most popular would certainly be the gold hoop earrings from FJewellery. They don’t need to be compared to anything else.

They are really beautiful and have won the hearts of many. If you are not yet the happy owner of such jewellery or want to pick up another pair at a nice price, look at our guide below and choose the best option in the catalogue.

In order for this jewellery to fit perfectly on your earlobes, check out a few of the tips we offer.

Start with the shape of the earlobe

It is not obvious, and many people forget about this parameter. In fact, everyone has a different lobe shape, and it is this that will help you decide on the design of these wonderful earrings.

To do this, go up to the mirror and take some time to look at your lobes. You will see that they can vary. In addition, they will also change their shape with age, so it is better to go through this procedure of choosing gold earrings every 5–10 years.

The appearance should be harmonious. If you have small earlobes, large-diameter trench coats may visually seem heavy, but they will look great on large earlobes. Just try to keep the proportion.


All jewellery and hoop earrings are no exception because they are in close proximity to the face, and are chosen according to the shape of the face.

This is an important point because, in any look, there must be harmony. Here are a few tips to help you decide on the size of the assortment of earrings on the market.

  • If your face is fairly round, meaning that its width is about equal to its length (like Selena Gomez), small or medium-diameter hoop earrings will suit you. We recommend avoiding large and very large models, as they can make your face look even rounder. Angular and oblong shapes, as well as triangular and square hoop earrings that are longer than wide, can look perfect on you.
  • Owners of oval face shapes can afford any experiment and even more. The representatives of this face shape have faces that are longer than wide, and the forehead is wider than the chin (for example, Jessica Alba). You’ve got carte blanche because you can afford gold hoop earrings of any diameter: from very small to extremely large.
  •  You have a square face shape if your forehead is about the same width as your chin (like Katie Holmes, for example). Earrings with a medium to small diameter and an elegant and sophisticated design are suggested. Thin rings with the bottom part in a straight line just below the chin can also look good. Any extremely large design can enlarge and broaden your face. Inexpensive mini rings, also called Huggies, will bail you out of any situation.
  • If you have a heart shape, that is, a wide forehead and a narrower chin, like Reese Witherspoon, then hoop earrings with additional decorations in the form of a pendant will suit you. They will distract attention from the narrow chin and make the proportions more harmonious. However, be careful when choosing earrings in the shape of an inverted triangle, as they can intensify the imbalance.
  • People with diamond-shaped faces have pronounced cheekbones, and a rather narrow chin and forehead (like Jennifer Lopez). Either very short rings or large and thin hoops of maximum size are ideal for such a shape. Such jewellery will help normalise and balance all proportions.
  • Owners of a triangular face have a rather narrow forehead and a wide chin. You can balance this shape with hoop earrings of 35 mm or more. It is the best choice that will help harmonise the look.

Try them on

You can talk about everything in theory and by looking at photos, but the best option is to try things on and try different options yourself. You can go to your nearest salon and try on a few options.

You will visually see what diameter would be best for you. See what’s available by comparing designs and making the best choice.

Choose the right design and weight

This is actually a very important question. Heavy and bulky earrings are uncomfortable to wear, plus they pull away from your lobes. Note that large or thick hoops will weigh less than miniature hoops.

Select a material

Choose gold hoops if you want to look glamorous and stylish. Pay attention to your skin tone. If you have a warm tone, choose white or rose gold; if you have a cool tone, look for white gold pieces.

Gold Earrings Hoop

You can buy these and other earrings on the FJewellery website. Here is a really stunning selection of products at different prices with a variety of designs, and styles. There is something to choose from for a casual look, and for a bright party.

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Why You Should Buy Gold Hoop Earrings

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