Woman Insists On Staying With Dog, Husband Learns Costly Lesson

Security Alert.

He was in his hotel room, minding his own business when he heard a loud ping come from his phone. He assumed it was a text from his fiance, so he quickly reached for it and unlocked his screen.

His eyebrows furrowed when he realized that it wasn’t a text. He had received a notification from his security system, notifying him that there was activity inside of his home. Clicking on the notification, he hoped that it wasn’t too serious.

Herman Perez


When Herman Perez asked his fiance Maria to move in with him after their engagement, he’d hoped to have the perfect start for their marriage life.

He’d been with Maria for two years, and to him, moving in together was the next big step in their relationship. But it wouldn’t be long until an unbelievable occurrence took place because of this move.

Getting Engaged

Pexels – Andrew Neel

Before getting engaged to Maria, Herman lived alone with his dog Elsa in Washington DC. His life was a simple one. He’d wake up, shower, then go out with Elsa for a morning run.

Afterward, they’d have breakfast before he took the pup to daycare and went to work. This routine would soon change after he met Maria.

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