5 lucrative jobs that can offer immediate employment

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The sought-after occupations of the coronavirus will be those that combine distance work with livelihood, leading many workers to the unemployment fund. There is no doubt that when the coronavirus pandemic is eradicated at some point, the world around us will not be the same. The flu strain will have infected tens of millions of people and almost the entire labour market, with the economic impact not yet being able to be accurately determined.

In 2017, two years before Covid19 appeared in China, many researchers predicted that about half the jobs could disappear in the western world by 2030. Obviously, after the coronavirus, their new studies will be much worse.

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In essence, many professions will subsequently follow a hybrid work model that combines distance work with lifelong work. Those who make up the highly educated and trained scientific workforce, are most likely not to be in the unemployment fund. In the post-coronavirus era, the professions that will be in demand are the following:

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Distance teacher

As everything shows, e-learning came to stay and not only to meet the needs of pupils and students during the pandemic. In universities, for example, lectures are now attended by far more students than in amphitheatres, as young people can attend classes on their mobile phones wherever they are, saving time for going to and from university. So the executives who will be trained in these new learning processes will obviously be in greater demand in the coming years.


He is a professional who deals with the financial impact of risk and uncertainty. Actuaries provide valid estimates for economic security systems, emphasising their complexity, mathematics, and mechanisms. They mathematically assess the probability of events and quantify possible outcomes to minimise the financial losses associated with uncertain adverse events.

Since many events cannot be avoided (such as death), it is helpful to take steps to minimise their financial impact when they occur. The profession of an actuary is consistently ranked as one of the most desirable in many studies.

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5 lucrative jobs that can offer immediate employment

Public Health Supervisor – Sanitary

It aims to control the hygiene and suitability of food, beverages, and places in restaurants, patisseries, hospitals, hotels, shops and other business premises. In particular, it exercises health control in schools, hospitals, workplaces, sports facilities and shops and provides services to environmental protection agencies.

It also checks the suitability of food and beverages in their production, processing and storage areas. Its activities include autopsies and control procedures for the issuance of operating licenses for health stores, the conduct of disinfection, rodenticides and disinfestations, the preparation of relevant reports for all types of businesses, the conduct of sampling for microbiological-chemical analysis of water. It also deals with the provision of consulting services to local government organizations on public health issues, and the activity in the field of sales of general health products (chlorine).

Data scientist

The object of the data scientist, as it is called abroad, is the collection and analysis of data with its multidisciplinary knowledge to offer solutions through algorithms to a company or an organization. It must have the statistical expertise and IT skills required to solve complex problems and is considered a treasure trove for companies wishing to increase their operations.

In a way, his job is first to understand the existing business processes, identify the underlying problems, and seek solutions through data-based technologies to streamline the methods to increase profits. Data science is the continuation of sciences such as statistics, predictive analytics, machine learning and data mining.

Voice actor

Few would expect the profession of voice actor as a profession of the future, yet things turn out differently. Today, an actor of his voice should be in tune with technological advances in the entertainment industry, which enables him to practice his profession from the comfort of his private space. So he can easily “set up” his own studio, record the required parts requested and, in the end, edit them himself and send them for evaluation.

In this way, he continues to be creative but without losing touch with his own art. With this modern way of working, several young employees have been given the opportunity to turn to this profession, looking for work on voice agencies like Voquent, which are looking for more and more voice actors to include them in their potential. Which of the above professions would you choose?

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