A Cure For Gynecomastia : 3 Methods

Gynecomastia is a condition frequently referred to as ”male breasts”. There tends to be a drooping of the male chest or a noticed hardening, distended nipple appearance. It can be very difficult to deal with and can occur in both overweight males and average weighted males. There is a cure for gynecomastia and i’ll list 3 options to consider:

1. Lets get to the most extreme right away for a cure for gynecomastia: Surgery. “Gyno” can be surgically removed, with varying results. It is usually an expensive procedure, but costs do vary. Choosing the surgery route, one definitely wants an excellent surgeon who has performed the procedure cure for gynecomastia many times before, and is able to remove most if not all of it. I have heard of reports from individuals seeking a cure for gynecomastia who have gone to one surgeon who would only remove the gland partially, while another surgeon was willing and confident he could remove the whole gland. So shop wisely, and save up for a good doc if you choose this as a cure for gynecomastia.

2. Another cure for gynecomastia, with varying results is a drug called Nolvadex. Usually this is prescription, and the route to get it through a doctor as a cure for gynecomastia can vary, as the medical establishment didn’t popularize the effects of Nolvadex as a cure for gynecomastia, as much as the athletic community has. Many athletes who have dabbled in steroids have become victim of “gyno” as that is one of the side effects of steroids. To counter this side effect from happening, they realized taking Nolvadex works very well. Further investigation from athletes uncovered that even after gyno has occurred they could still take Nolvadex and in some cases it would serve as a cure for gynecomastia eliminating it partially or whole.

3. The third cure for gynecomastia and the one that probably should be followed first before getting into the first two options as a cure for gynecomastia is a combination of losing weight and specific gyno related exercises, routines, and techniques that have seemed to help many individuals who would have ended up opting for surgery or taking drugs. On a very basic level, many gyno cases is a case of chest fat accumulation and once a weight loss program combined preferably with a weight lifting routine is performed, a cure for gynecomastia is achieved. This is witnessed by the many before and after pictures of individuals whose “male breasts” have disappeared. Some may argue that perhaps they didn’t have “true gyno” to begin with but since a cure for gynecomastia is so often associated with a cure for ”male breasts” then it is worth mentioning this option, and even “true gyno gland specific” sufferers have in fact benefited from the above as considering this a cure for gynecomastia. But dwelving deeper there are specific natural routines and techniques and online programs which have helped individuals discover an effective cure for gynecomastia.

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