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A Popular Diet Using Cookies – The Real Truth

Ok let’s get right to it!

The reason you lose weight on the Cookie diet has more to do with what else you DON’T eat rather than DR Segals magic cookies.

When you follow the diet as intended you take in a whopping 800 calories a day. When you consider the average adult is burning 2000- 2500 calories a day with no exercise at all you can’t help but to lose weight. Just do the math!

Basically the Cookie Diet works like this. You eat ONE meal daily consisting of 6 ounces of lean protein – chicken, turkey, fish or seafood only – and one cup of vegetables, that’s it.

If you get hungry before or after your meal, which you no doubt will, you can eat up to six diet cookies throughout the day. These cookies are reported to have an appetite suppressant property that curbs hunger pangs. Also you will want to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, which should give you a fuller feeling. What about the taste of the cookies? Ho hum. Many report it as being a rather bland but munchable snack.

Who should attempt this diet?

Probably those that are looking to shed some weight fast and are also in good health. The cookie diet is pretty radical and experts agree it’s not a good long-term solution to maintaining a healthy weigh. There just isn’t enough balance and keeping up with the cookie eating may get old, despite their alleged appetite suppressant properties.

Does the diet work?

Yes in the short term you will no doubt lose weight but at what cost?

The Cookie Diet lacks nutrition and fiber; many also report an overall lack of energy if you consistently stay with the diet. Once you go off the diet you’ll probably gain back the weight.

As a long-term diet solution the Cookie Diet just won’t cut it just like all the other starvation diets out there.

Why not try a low carb, high protein diet that conforms to a sane lifestyle and also allows you to EAT real FOOD, without counting calories or following crazy meal planning. If your willing to achieve moderately quick, long term, weight loss results without being on high alert ALL THE TIME visit the link below.

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