Are You Clean Inside? Try the Cayenne Pepper Diet

How would you feel if toxic pieces of fecal matter were stuck to the sides of your colon for months? Uncomfortable, gassy and lethargic, I would bet. Would your bowels be irritated by this build up of toxic matter? You bet. Picture the gas, bloating, weight gain and protruding belly. The majority of people are carrying around a colon full of toxins and old fecal matter and this is affecting your energy levels, sleep, and mood. A team of horses can’t haul the wagon if one of the horses is lying down.

Toxins leach into your body making you feel tired, sore, and rundown. Other illness like acne and IBS can be related to a toxic colon. You don’t often hear the state of one’s intestines in polite conversation. IBS, constipation, gas, and colon cancer is not the stuff of dinner table talk. But it’s true that death (and health!) begins in the colon. This is GROSS, but you could be dragging around 20 pounds of crap in your colon. You could stand to lose all of that when doing a cleanse on the cayenne pepper diet. Average weight loss is 5-7 pounds during the 10 day cleanse. On my cleanse, I lost 8 pounds and I felt lighter and cleaner.

There is good news about colon cleansing and that is the fact you can sweep out toxins right out of your body, making you feel lighter and healthier. Better sleep, clearer skin, increased mental acuity are all the benefits of a clean body. Some people report a visible improvement in their lifeless hair after doing a cleanse. Consider that your body, hair and nails, are directly affected by your inner health. Get rid of the toxins and your appearance improves. All without expensive and potentially toxic cosmetics. Good health and wellness comes from WITHIN, not from a bottle.

Picture yourself more energetic, healthy, and sexier. You’re probably looking for a way to do that quickly and in a safe, healthy way. The Cayenne Pepper Diet will help you with an overall increase in energy and stamina. Wellness is more than the absence of disease. It’s a state of being where you are supported by your body, your mind is clear and sharp, and you feel at ease. A detox such as the Master Cleanse, aka the Cayenne Pepper Diet, is an important and effective part of your total plan for health.

Ridding yourself of toxic material in your colon will finally help you kick that lethargy you suffer from. The energy being used to support that garbage is better used to help you along in your life and you will feel energized and light. When you feel that way, it’s easier to sleep better and maintain a positive mood.

In my opinion, the cleanse is an excellent way to realize the great benefits of a clean colon. It works quickly and is very effective. It’s also tough as heck. Most people last just ONE day before they quit. Understand that people quit because they didn’t have a PLAN before they began and they folded like a cheap suit at the first sigh of difficulty. So, be smart, and have a plan before you do this and you will succeed and reap the tremendous benefits of cleansing.

Body detoxing isn’t some new fad or trendy Hollywood diet, it’s been around for centuries. Millions of people have tried the cleanse and rid their body of toxic fecal matter. And, millions of people with dedication and grit have benefited from this healthy fast. Do this just twice a year and you will have established a cornerstone of your health plan. The cleanse could be the ‘jump start’ you need to change the way you are living and eating, and start a new path based on great eating principles and regular fun exercise.

Colon cleansing is not only healthful and beneficial, it’s essential. Because of our lifestyle and environment, our bodies have accumulated toxins and old fecal matter in our colons. By assisting the body in removing these from our bodies, we are taking a tremendous step towards living a cleaner, more energetic and toxin-free life.

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Source by Susan Wells

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