How to Avoid Crisis – Breakdown Before Breakthrough

I have noticed that often humans have to go through breakdowns before their behavior is changed for the better. Why is that? I believe it is because we are not likely to change if we are comfortable or unaware. Unfortunately, it often takes a crisis to wake us up.

My client Gladys, a 55-year-old woman, was living a very stressful life. She did not sleep well, ate whatever she wanted, and took her children to any classes or events they wanted to go, to without considering herself. Her wake-up call was cancer.

After many painful, scary months of medical treatment and counseling, Gladys changed her diet, took much better care of herself, and did more of what she loved to do. Of course, she was terrified to die or get cancer again. However, I told her that if she learned from her crisis, she did not need another wake-up call.

Gladys recovered in a shorter time than the doctors predicted and are still cancer free. She became conscious of how to take care of her body and reduce her stress.

Melinda, a 60-year-old professional, was struggling for many years in her relationship. She came to me very depressed after she discovered her partner was having an affair and had moved out.

I helped Melinda raise her self-esteem, and deal with her anger constructively. We also practiced lovingly saying her truth. She then reunited with her partner and they are doing well. It took the break-up for her to work on her issues. and learn what it takes to maintain a loving relationship–high self-esteem and good communication.

When I visited my friend Larry, a 48-year-old man, I noticed that he had gained a lot of weight, ate whatever he wanted, and was eating large amounts of cream and sugar in his coffee. Larry thought it was funny how I would avoid those and other things in my diet. He was also very stressed about his work.

A few years later, Larry needed major heart surgery. He is now being conscious of what he must do to maintain a healthy body. It took his crisis to make the changes to his diet, exercise more, and think positively.

To wake up before you have a crisis, I suggest that you learn what foods are healthy for you, exercise appropriately for your age and physical condition, make sure that you are sleeping 7-8 hours a night and let go of whatever is causing you to stress in your life. Also, learn how to release negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. You do have the power to stay healthy and safe.

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Source by Helene Rothschild

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