Boy Won’t Leave Her Daughter’s Grave, Then Mom Checks His Backpack

Who Was He?

She was walking away from her daughter’s gravesite when she saw a young boy. He had golden curls and grey eyes and was no more than seven years old.

He waved as he walked by, smiling at her. Her eyes widened when she noticed something that initially went unnoticed.

Terrible News

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Things were going swimmingly for the McRae family until their whole worlds came crumbling down one day. Their daughter sadly lost her life in a terrible accident. She meant everything to them, and they were heartbroken.

When Tammy McRae first heard the news, she did not want to believe that it was true. She was busy with her job when she received the terrible call. She knew that things would forever be altered from that moment on.

High School Sweethearts

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Tammy fell pregnant with her daughter while she and her husband were finishing college. The pair had been together since high school, and by that point, they were already engaged.

After they both graduated from college, they had the wedding of their dreams. Their daughter, Linzie, was the flower girl, and they couldn’t have been prouder of their beautiful girl.

They Had A Good Life

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The years went by, and Linzie grew into an amazing eighteen-year-old woman. Her parents were very proud of all of her accomplishments. She was a straight-A student and always helped around the house.

Not only did they have a great daughter, but they also had a beautiful house with high-paying jobs. However, one day everything took a turn for the worst.

What You Need To Know


To comprehend the boy at the cemetery’s story, we must first learn something about Linzie. She had always been the smartest student in her class.

She tried to be involved in as much as possible and always did her best. Linzie had dabbled in everything she could get her hands on. But one evening, she’d say something to her parents that would astound them.

Seeing It Through

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“She returned home and said she needed to sign some organ donation documents from the hospital where she was volunteering,” her mother explained. “We thought it was a nice gesture and encouraged her to do it.”

In keeping with her usual approach to everything that she did, Linzie saw the exercise through to the end and returned home with an organ donation card. Unfortunately, Tammy and Chester were eventually going to lose her.

An Accident


Tammy was busy at work when she received the terrible news. Her sweet daughter was in a car accident on her way home from school. She was on her way to the emergency room.

Tammy did not know what to do with the news she had received. She dropped what she was doing and rushed to the hospital. She’d be speechless when she saw what she’d uncovered.

The News


Tammy had just arrived at the emergency room when her daughter was pronounced dead. Tammy wanted nothing more than to be by her daughter until she finally found peace.

Time lost all of its meaning, and Tammy, and Chester’s lives were colorless. They were torn over the loss of their daughter, until something happened that changed it all.

Saying Goodbye

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It had been a few months since their daughter’s funeral, and Tammy made sure to visit her daughter’s grave every single night after work to say hello.

She knew that her daughter wouldn’t want her parents to be consumed by sadness, so they tried everything in their power to adapt to their new normal. But that month, something peculiar would catch Tammy’s interest.

The Young Boy


Tammy was walking back to her car when she spotted a young boy passing. He must have been around seven years old, and he had light blonde hair with deep gray eyes.

He gave Tammy a small smile as he walked past her. She initially shrugged it off, but as the days passed, she became aware of something.

An Interesting Week

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Tammy ran into the same boy the following evening. The week would continue in this same manner before Tammy decided she’d at least try to see why the boy was always at the cemetery at that time of day.

As the new week started, she decided to stay back after greeting the boy on her path back to her car. As always, he smiled, waved, and walked by her. But this time, she didn’t leave.

Going Back

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Tammy shadowed the boy with her phone’s camera recording, only to see him walk to Linzie’s tombstone. He stood over it for some seconds before sitting down.

The scene didn’t make any sense to Tammy, who stopped recording. She couldn’t think of why the boy was next to her daughter’s grave. Thinking maybe he’d confused the tombstones, she decided to step in.

Is He Her Friend


As Tammy approached the boy, she considered the possibility of him being one of Linzie’s friends but noticed he was too young to have known her daughter on such a level.

She made sure he could hear her approach so as not to startle him before saying hi again and asking him what he was doing at Linzie’s grave.

What Is He Doing


“I asked him if he knew Linzie, and he said no,” Tammy said to a reporter from her town’s local news. She also revealed something about the boy that had her tearing up for days.

“He’d been battling Cardiomyopathy, a gradual decrease of functionality in one’s heart muscles. After Linzie passed away, he received her heart through a transplant, which saved his life.” But why was he visiting Linzie’s grave every evening if he’d never met her?

That’s Our Linzie

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“He learned from his mom about Linzie and what she’d done for him, and the past two weeks, he had been asking his mom to drive him to the cemetery to talk to Linzie about his healing process,” Tammy shared amid happy tears.

She’d forgotten that her daughter had signed to be an organ donor before passing and couldn’t believe she’d saved the life of such a sweet boy. “She could never let a soul suffer if she could do something about it. That’s our Linzie,” Tammy said.

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