Chad Waterbury Body of Fire Review – Is This Ebook For Real? Truth Revealed

When it comes to ripping your body into shape, only the trusted and most effective fitness program should do. Body of Fire is one of the new fitness programs in the market today boasting well-researched and tested exercise and diet program which claims to give you that body you’ve always dreamed of in twelve weeks. Does it sound too good to be true? Find out the truth in this review if this Body of Fire fitness program is for real.

Body of Fire is written by Chad Waterbury, a professional fitness coach and nutrition guide whose previous book, published by top fitness publishers today has become a top-seller. Needless to say, he’s become one of the authorities when it comes to this subject.

In this book, you will only need your body weight, perhaps a few dumbbells, and just 35-45 minutes of your time four times a week to get that lean body so it’s not really a hassle especially if you have a busy lifestyle.

The program is divided into three phases with different sets of exercise with increasing intensity. Each phase is done in 4 weeks. The exercises in the program include both cardio and strength exercises which will require only your weight for resistance; dumbbells can be used for added resistance. This means zero trips to the gym at all. However, the workouts are quite intense and efforts should be made. But these are sufficient enough to burn the fats in a matter of time.

The exercise routines are easy to follow even by beginners and women. In the book, the author presents clear pictures with detailed and straightforward instructions which can be easily understood and done by readers.

Included also in the downloadable eBook is an extensive nutrition guide which emphasis on eating the right kinds of food and not cutting off on calories. You will easily get satisfied and won’t feel deprived at all.

This eBook also comes with a money back guarantee so if there’s anything that disappoints you, you shouldn’t worry. This fitness program is authored by a renowned fitness expert and many consumers have already attested to the effectiveness of the program. It can be done by most people in different fitness levels.

Some of the consumers say it should’ve been better if Waterbury had the routines in video so that it could be precisely followed by anyone. Nevertheless, this program has delivered what it had promised so far. We could safely conclude that this is not a scam and certainly is for real.

Source by Dorothy F Lee

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