Christmas Gifts for older children and teens

Do you have an older child to buy for this year or a teenager? If you are looking for new ideas then here are some I think will help. Whatever your budget there is sure to be something you can buy that older child or teenager.

Do check out my other gift guides for more ideas too! The guides do include some products I have been sent to try out as PR samples but I only recommend products I like and believe would make good gifts.

Toys, games and activities

pottd painting set

If you are buying for a youngster who loves arts and crafts then this set from Pott’d is great. They can use it to make a variety of things with the instructions giving them hints and tips on how to make them. All the tools they need are included and the set includes paint too. This set is £30 from Pott’d and would make a great gift for any age.

knit your own planter cover set

Are you buying for a youngster who is crafty and loves plants in their room? This is a perfect gift for them as they can knit their own planter cover with this kit from Kikkerland and it is just £15.99 from Maia gifts. Perfect for youngsters age 14+

Deface race game

A fun game suitable for children aged 8+ and adults which combines graffiti and Pictionary! The aim of the game is to deface the card by drawing on it (wipeable pen!) to turn it into something completely different! The game is £12.99 from Amazon and made by Tomy.

Geomag glow

This Geomag glow set is perfect for ages 3-99 but in my opinion, it is better for age 6+ when children have better fine motor skills so it really will depend on the child. Geomag is a construction set with magnetic rods and balls that can be used to build anything they like. A great STEM activity that is fun too. This set is £31.59 from Amazon at the moment.

This Exploding Kittens jigsaw is great and such a fun picture too. If you are looking to buy for a youngster that loves the Exploding Kittens game but doesn’t generally do jigsaws then maybe they would like this. It is £18 from Exploding Kittens and you can also grab 10% off your first order when you sign up!

Pop ET

For young E.T fans this Pop-up E.T. game is great. It is a similar game to pop-up pirate but instead with E.T. This is suitable for age 4+ but I think that would be with support from adults so personally I would buy it for a slightly older child so they can play it without needing an adult! It is available from Argos and Amazon for £19.

Small tin of thinking putty

If you are looking for a gift for a child who loves slime and putty then the Crazy Aarons Thinking Putty is a great gift. I love it too so you could give it to someone of any age but in my experience, age 6+ is the sort of age who would most like this. It is however suitable from age 3. You can buy it on Amazon for £7.99.

Waboba Moonshine is a light-up bouncy ball that is absolutely amazing. It makes a unique pop sound when it hits the floor and every time it bounces it lights up for up to 7 seconds and bounces up to 100 feet! It is £8.99 from Amazon.


Have you seen the TikTok phenomenon Quoridor? It is basically a game where you have to move your piece across the board whilst also building a maze for your opponents. A game of strategy suitable for ages 8+ that is available from independent hobby stores and is around £35. It is also available on Amazon but keeps selling out! It is currently here in a pack with some other similar games.


Africana book

If you are buying for a child who loves to learn about different people and different places then this is the perfect gift. Africana is a book all about Africa written for children aged around 7-11 and is full of facts and gorgeous pictures. Africana is available from Amazon for £12.79.

oaka educational books

Oaka books are educational packs perfect for children who are visual learners from age 5 to GCSE level. The above are Key Stage 3 (ages 11-14). They are £7.97 for each topic pack which includes a booklet, notes booklet and an active learning game, map or quiz. This is just a small selection of the range of packs available! Other products include pair games and board games.

Tammy and Willow book

A novel for youngsters about a girl called Hannah who spends a lot of time with her beloved dog and is upset when she passes away. Her life carries on and she falls in love with another dog but the new dog can see the deceased dog. An entertaining book that youngsters will love aged around 7-11 especially if they have lost a pet. It is available from Amazon for £9.19.

horoscopes book

If you are looking for a gift for a teen or a spiritual friend who is very interested in horoscopes then this 2023 horoscopes book could be perfect. It is written by Patsy Bennett, an Australian celebrity astrologer who has been doing this for over 24 years! This book is available from Amazon for around £14.

Nature poems book

A year of nature poems is a lovely book for children to help them learn about the changes in nature throughout the year. This would not only be a great gift for a youngster but also possibly for a primary school teacher who likes to find new things to do with the children. The book is £6.99 on Amazon.

The amulets curse book

A magical novel for children aged 9-12 this is a book of magic and mystery where youngsters have crept into a library in the palace of Kew Gardens and saw a painting, but who is that wearing an amulet? Then they need to find out why their friend Jess has disappeared! Is this all linked to the magical trees they saw in the local park a year earlier? A great book for young readers it is available from Amazon for £6.45.

Outdoor games and toys


Are you buying for an active youngster who would love a skateboard? Maybe they already have one but would like a new one or maybe they haven’t tried it but would love it. This Tony Hawk 540 Series Skateboard – Hawk Crowned from Skates UK is popular with youngsters. It is currently £49.95 reduced from £54.95 so a perfect big and main gift they can use right away!

Badminton set

Would they like a badminton set? Badminton is something they may not have considered but if they are sporty it could be something that they would love. I think it would be better to give to a child with siblings or local friends so you can’t really play badminton on your own! This set was £50 but is now £39.99 from Badminton HQ.

Roller skates

Roller skates are not just fun but good exercise too. If you are buying for a child or teen who loves being outside they could be the perfect gift. This set of skates are available in adjustable size so they last them a bit longer and are just £37.95 from

Gifts for their bedroom

Giraffe print

This cool giraffe print is a great bedroom gift for a child or teen. It comes without the frame so you could buy whatever frame suits their room. Hidden prints have a range of prints including this cool giraffe print available from 5.99, depending on size, this is a3 and is £17.99. I also got you a discount so if this is the perfect gift for you use code JEN15 for 15% off!

Stranger things calendar

This Stranger Things calendar is a great gift because not only is it a calendar but the pages are perforated so the prints can be carefully removed and framed afterwards! It is just £14.99 which you could pay for a calendar anyway without having the bonus of being able to frame the prints! Buy this Deluxe Stranger Things calendar from Danilo.

Playstation alarm clock

Are you buying a gift for someone who loves gaming until all hours of the night and may need some help getting up in the mornings? This Playstation PS5 White Controller Alarm Clock is £19.99 from Ryman and would make a great gift for a gaming fan of any age!

Minecraft socks and mug

Another perfect gift for a gaming fan is this Minecraft Mug and Socks Gift Set for £9.99 from Ryman. Again this would be great for gamers of all ages if they enjoy Minecraft. Is this the perfect gift for your recipient?

Friends desk calendar

As a teenager many of us loved Friends but it is still popular now. Many older children and teens are huge fans of the 90’s show and I know my son Ben loves it too. This Friends desk calendar is perfect for on their desk or bedside table and is just £10.99 from Danilo.

Gadget gifts

xgo3 smartwatch

So many children and teens now grow up so fast and want all the technology that their parents or older siblings have but it isn’t always possible is it? This XGO3 smartwatch is perfect for youngsters. It can connect to most mobile phones like adult watches but also has some features making them perfect for kids too as the adult has an app to see and manage most functions of the watch such as adding contacts, setting safe zones etc. This watch is full of amazing features especially for keeping children safe and is £139.99 from My Xplora.

1 more piston buds earphones in box on wooden table

Teens and older children seem to spend a lot of time listening to music or watching films or YouTube on gadgets now so to keep your sanity and theirs need earphones! These 1MORE PistonBuds Pro Hybrid Active Noise Canceling Wireless Earbuds are available in black or white and are usually £59.99 on Amazon but currently, there is a £15 voucher you can click to make them £44.99.

tablet cushion

Are you buying for a child or teen with an iPad or tablet they use a lot? This lovely tablet cushion from Planet Buddies is £17.99 from Amazon and has two handy pockets and is covered in cute penguins.

Penguin shaped speaker

Matching the above tablet cushion from Planet Buddies is a wireless speaker also in a cute penguin design. It is £29.99 from Amazon and there is also a pink owl design available if they might prefer that! The owl one is currently on offer a little cheaper too!

Tile starter kit tracker set

This Tile Starter Pack is £44.99 and includes a Tile mate – perfect as a keyring or on a bag or purse, and a Tile slim – perfect for wallets, purses, notebooks and bags as it is around credit card size and thin.

Boxbollen boxball set for boxing

Have you seen the latest fitness craze of Boxball? It is really fun and basically uses an app along with this headband with an attached ball to safely box for fitness or fun. Prices are from £19.99 and are available directly from Boxbollen.

Skincare and Fragrance gifts for teens

Cosmetic organiser

This gorgeous cosmetic organiser is clear with a rose gold coloured frame so it is stylish as well as useful. I hope the photo does it justice as all the products in it are full size so it shows how big this organiser is. It would make a great gift for a lady who loves make-up and needs somewhere to put it all. It is available for £69.99 from VonHaus.

Only curls hair clips

If you are buying for a girl with curly hair then the Only Curls products are fantastic. They have a variety of products specifically designed and formulated for curly hair and these clips are just £8 so perfect for a budget buy.

Beauty roller from homedics

This HoMedics Facial Beauty Roller is currently on offer at £24 down from £39.99 so a great bargain for her this Christmas. using a roller like this increases blood flow to the face and helps make the face appear brighter and reduces signs of tiredness. A great gift for any teen beauty lover in my opinion! Not that young skin needs it as much as they think it does!

How about a new quality hairbrush? This large paddle brush is perfect for long and thick hair. It is of professional quality and £25 from Electric Hair.

Golden glow bauble

The Evolve Organic Beauty golden Glow bauble is one of the favourites from my secret Santa gift guide. A small hanging bauble gift with a Bio-Retinol gold mask inside. For £13 (down from £15) it would make a great low-cost beauty gift.

Bottle of Sauvage aftershave by Dior

Sauvage by Dior is a great scent for teens. Ben who is 16 loves it so I am sure most young men in your life would love it too. This 100ml bottle is 95.99 but smaller bottles are available from £54.99. Perfume Direct is a great place to buy it from as they have good offers and while you are there check out some of the amazing gift packs too.

acne pimple patch

Older children and teens tend to be very spot-prone due to their changes in hormones. Whilst there are many possible reasons for this it doesn’t help them or their self-confidence. This Acne Pimple Master Patch. It is just £5.99 from Feel Unique.

Fashion and Style

Colour changing watch in a blue box

This stylish watch is a lot more than it seems. It has an amazing colour-changing face! I couldn’t photograph it well so check it out on the Trendhim website. It is £199 from Trendhim and similar colour-changing watches are available in different strap styles so if this isn’t quite what you are looking for do check the others out.

Trendhim Bracelet

For a teen who has a unique style and loves chunky jewellery this Double Dragon leather and steel bracelet is great. It is a good size and chunky. Ben loves it and I am sure many of your teen boys would too. It is available for £45 from Trendhim.

Vendula pyjamas

Pyjamas are a lovely gift for her and don’t have to be boring ones from the usual high street stores. These gorgeous pyjamas from Vendula London are usually £50 but are currently on offer for just £25. They are 95% bamboo and so soft it is unreal! Check out the range of stylish and comfy pyjamas from Vendula for more designs.

This Vendula London coin purse is lovely and a really good size that fits money, cards and notes inside easily. Made from vegan leather it is sure to appear both to fashion lovers and eco-conscious youngsters too. The front is the most detailed but the back (pictured below) is lovely too.

This would be a great gift to a youngster of any age in my opinion. It is £24 from Vendula London so I would suggest it for someone who will look after it so maybe age 12+ in my opinion.

Sweets and wellness gifts

money box

This is a money box I chose to personalise for a gaming fund. you could alternatively add a photo or whatever words you choose however I think it makes a perfect gift for a gamer to save up for the next game or console. The back is clear so they can see how much they are saving! This money box is from Asda Photo for just £16.

American hamper

American sweets are becoming more and more popular so if you are thinking of buying some for a gift this year then this hamper from the Sweet Hamper Company for £34.50 is perfect. Full of American goodies that they will love to try it comes in an easy box to gift-wrap!

This mental health care package from Spiffy is an amazing gift for a youngster. So many young people struggle with their mental health and I absolutely love this pack as a gift idea. It includes Remindfuls cards full of affirmations to help them stay positive when times are hard, a self-help journal called The Positivity Playbook with fun activities to keep them positive, The Good Daily notebook with prompts to help them see the positive in every day, Airdoh infused with essential oils keep them calm, a push popper keyring, a tea bag and a little sunshine mascot. All for just £30 from Live Spiffy. An absolute bargain in my opinion as I love everything in mine and the contents sell individually for almost £50!

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