Boy Uses Store Tablet Every Day, Then Employee Checks History

Crouched Over

He was relieved that the day was finally ending as he stood behind the counter as the final customers left the shop. He saw the child crouched over one of the store’s tablets as he turned to scan the various electronic booths scattered across the area.

He carefully maneuvered around the counter to approach him out of curiosity. He had no words for what he saw the youngster doing.

A Passion Worth Pursuing

Public Domain

Tyson was your average twenty-two-year-old boy living in Houston, Texas. A lover of everything technology, he’d worked hard to earn a place at the University of Texas, studying computer science.

During his first and second years, Tyson made a name for himself as the boy who could fix any broken machine across campus. By the third year, he’d attracted the attention of even the professors, a feat that would change his life for good.

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