Couple Are Asleep, Man Turns Over And Sees This

Stormy Night

The raging storm meant that they hadn’t had the best sleep the night before. The rain had come down hard while the wind howled through the trees but must have stilled because when Jenna woke up, she realized it was calm outside.

But that wasn’t what had woken her up. Jason started to wake as well just as she started feeling around for the strange thing that had woken her. They were sent flying from their bed when they saw what it was.

Feeling Safe

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Jenna Ryder and her husband had been together for a long while and were happily married. They had a peaceful life together.

They lived in a safe Tennessee neighborhood and thought it was the perfect place to raise a family. They considered it a place where you would be safe even if you left your doors unlocked. But were they wrong?

Change Of Weather

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The weather started changing towards the end of April as the end of spring drew to a close. Despite this, it was still a pleasant time of year.

The weather grew stronger by May, but that didn’t disrupt the Ryders’ daily routines. They had always managed during stormy seasons and didn’t see anything different this time.

Their Safe Space

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Although the couple didn’t have kids of their own, they had three dogs they loved dearly. They welcomed any of them sleeping in the bed alongside them whenever they felt like it.

The couple was like any other, who saw their home as their safe space. They never felt threatened or in any form of danger when they were home before. Little did they know that one day would change it all for them.

Troubling News


Jason and Jenna were born in Tennessee and grew up there. The two were more than willing to confront a problem when they saw one, but they had never encountered anything they needed to worry about.

But that soon changed when there was spreading news that they found troubling. Burglars had been making their move in a town very close to theirs, and it seemed to get worse as the weeks went by.

Fake News

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Jenna enjoyed being on social media and following the latest trends. But she also knew this news had hidden dangers many didn’t always suspect.

She knew from social media that all the hype might come from fake sources, so she couldn’t always trust the news. Because of this, the couple felt unaffected by the information that had everyone else so worried.

Growing Concern

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The safety concern grew when there were reports of the burglaries happening closer to their neighborhood, but the couple trusted their fencing and security.

Furthermore, they had three dogs who they believed would start a commotion if anyone tried to enter their property. It had never crossed their minds that an intruder in their home was an actual possibility.

Lovely Weather

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The day of the event had started like any other for the couple. The weather was splendid while the sun was out, so the couple decided to spend the weekend at home.

But things slowly changed the closer it got to the afternoon. Jenna had just come back from running errands and was beginning to settle down when she spotted the signs of a problem.

Warning Notifications


Jenna saw that warnings were going out concerning the weather on her social media feed. It was the time of year when rain could be expected, but the notifications all stated to be aware of possible “inclement weather.”

When she told Jason about it, the couple agreed to keep the dogs inside the house for the night. The skies clouded over, plunging the evening sky into darkness, and that’s when the storm began.

A Long Night Ahead


Although the storm was more intense than usual, it soon became apparent that panicking had spurred the worrisome notifications that there would be flooding.

What made the storm worse was the noise of the howling wind and echoing thunder. As the couple headed to bed, they agreed that the night ahead would be long.

The Unexpected Surprise

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The couple eventually managed to fall asleep. Around dawn, Jenna was suddenly awakened. She turned over as she felt something stir beside her. The weather was calmer outside now, and her mind instantly thought of the burglary stories circulating. 

Jason awoke too, and it was suddenly clear that something or someone else was in their bed. As the couple moved aside from the comforter and saw what it was, they both jumped back in shock. 

A New Friend

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For a moment, the couple thought one of their dogs had climbed into bed with them. It was indeed a dog. However, to their surprise, they had no idea whose dog this was or where it had come from. 

The pooch, a gorgeous pitbull-labrador mix, was blissfully unaware of the fright it had given them. Despite being in a stranger’s home, the cute little intruder seemed to have snuggled up beside them the entire night. 

The Mystery

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By the morning, the storm had passed, and the air was still. When the Ryders checked their yard, they realized that the wind, thunder, and lightning must have gotten rough during the night. 

Their yard was a little messy from all the stuff that had been strewn about by the storm. It was now apparent that the strange dog had likely gotten a fright during the storm and found its way into their house. Still, one mystery remained.

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