Man Follows Pipes Sticking Out Of Ground Unaware Of Their Purpose


Matty and Jesse decided to push forward despite the unease they felt. They grew more determined when they heard Harley barking from up ahead.

They had been walking for a bit when Jesse felt his heart jump into his throat. Matty had grabbed his shoulders, saying, “I know what this is.” He sounded excited as he said it, but his friend could tell he was still nervous.

The Dream Team

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When Matty Griezman and his best friend Jesse Mason announced they wanted to be “treasure hunters,” they were met with skepticism. The 20-year-olds didn’t find it funny. 

It was a serious ambition, and they were eager to prove to their families that this was a legitimate career. However, they still needed to navigate a tricky situation to get started. 

Mr. Griezman

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Matty’s dad, Anthony Griezman, though young, was a successful attorney in the Oakwood part of Dayton, Ohio. Matty knew that convincing his father wouldn’t be easy. 

The pair had pooled their savings but were still short for travel expenses. The young men were sweating bullets as they approached Mr. Griezman. The success of their plans rested with him now. 

Matty Knew His Father

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Matty had been the apple of his father’s eye since he was young. With the same dark hair and startling brown eyes, they were like inter-generational clones of each other. 

Mr. Griezman had always expressed disappointment that Matty hadn’t followed his career path. Knowing this, Matty knew what he had to do. 

The Plan

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Jesse was shorter than Matty and quieter too. Mr. Griezman would often tell him to “get a haircut.” Standing before him to ask for money was intimidating. 

Jesse planned to push his hair to the side, hoping it would appear shorter. Matty planned to strike a deal with his father. Neither of them knew if it would actually work. 

The Promise

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Mr. Griezman’s stern face stared at the best friends through dark glasses. The pair felt like 8-years-old, having to explain how they had broken the patio window. 

Knowing that his father wanted him to join the family business, Matty promised if they weren’t successful after three months, he would complete his law degree and join his father’s law firm.  

The Verdict

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Finally, after what felt like an eternity, Mr. Griezman agreed to lend them the money. The boys were ecstatic and wanted to start packing, but Mr. Griezman stopped them.

He had one condition. He was only giving them two months, not three, to make a success of this.  It was their only shot now. They knew it had to count.  

The Trip


In record time, they bought equipment, and the arrangements were made. They touched down in Cologne on a bright day. Their destination was Bernau – specifically the southern area of the Black Forest in Germany.

A 3000 square-mile wooded paradise, it supposedly was the site of priceless WWII relics. After finally reaching the forest, the young men immediately encountered a surprise. 

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