Dad Sets Up Camera In Daughter’s Room To Find Out Why She Wakes Up With Bruises

It Started With The Noises

A family living in Ohio had their lives turned upside down when they began to notice strange things happening under their roof. It started with strange noises at night. 

Thinking that maybe there were raccoons living in the ceiling, they dismissed the sounds at first. But in the following weeks, things started to escalate. Then, the bruises started to appear. 

Just The Three Of Them


Darren and Pam had been living in Darren’s mother’s guesthouse for over a year. Now, Darren wanted to run far away from it.

It had all begun when Natalie came down for breakfast one morning. At first, Darren didn’t take too much notice of her exposed legs. However, a few days after the first set of bruises had healed, he knew he had to do something.


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Darren had never experienced anything like this in his home before, and he wasn’t the kind of man who took things lying down. 

When he saw the bruises on his daughter, he immediately suspected his long-term girlfriend, Pam. He was convinced she was to blame, but she denied everything. Like any loving father, ignoring what was going on in his home was not an option. 

Confronting Her

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Darren confronted Pam and asked her if she was leaving the bedroom at night, even going as far as asking her if she had been in Natalie’s room. Did she know about the bruises on his daughter’s legs? And did she have anything to do with them? 

Darren found himself without any other option. What he didn’t know was that this decision would reveal something so much worse.

No Answers


For weeks, Darren kept pushing. But Pam kept denying that she had anything to do with the bruises. So Darren tried to approach the matter more directly. Although Natalie had been a bit distant with him lately, he chalked it up to normal teenage-girl behavior. 

They used to have a good relationship, so Darren decided to ask his daughter what had happened. But she wouldn’t – or couldn’t – give him answers either. 

The Bruises


It happened in the first week of Natalie’s summer vacation. The temperature had climbed above 90 degrees so the teen was wearing shorts. 

Darren couldn’t help but notice that Natalie’s legs were covered in bruises again. He asked his daughter about them, but she just shrugged and said she didn’t know… she’d woken up like that.  He would have to do something rather underhanded to get the answers, but he had run out of options.  

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