Diner Manager Asks Elderly Woman To Go Into Kitchen Unaware He’s Being Recorded

Following Him To The Kitchen

While they waited for their food, she sat next to her husband. She was overcome by the delicious aromas of the diner and wished the waiter would bring their fried chicken right away.

However, she also caught a glimpse of something else in the diner that made her jaw drop. The manager asked an elderly woman with two young daughters to join him in the kitchen. She knew that she needed to record it.

Cajun Fried Chicken

Pexels – Jasmine Carter

When Elise and her husband Todd went to that diner that day, they’d only wanted to sample the place’s famed cajun fried chicken. 

But the visit would soon take a different turn after Elise realized the manager was doing something he wasn’t supposed to be doing behind the counter. What began with a craving for wholesome food would soon end in one of the most significant incidents in her life.

Elise And Todd Tucker

Pexels – Nick Bee

Elise and Todd Tucker were visiting the city of Houston as part of their Texas vacation experience. A middle-aged couple, the two had spent the better part of the last decade working hard.

As the year neared a close, they planned to take a few months off work and tour their neighboring state of Texas to see what the Lone Star State had to offer. They had no idea what they were signing up for.

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