Entitled Neighbor Calls Public Pool Her Own Until Kids Step In

Thinking She Was Right

It wasn’t their pool, it was Hailey and Jane’s. The couple wasn’t going to just sit back and allow themselves to be legally blamed if one of the kids got hurt. She had to do something to make them understand. 

She soon learned that the neighbor kids had been accustomed to using the pool. She tried explaining herself in the hope that this would prove to be a deterrent. She was wrong and now she was being taught a lesson. 

The Winsteads

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After Hailey and Jane Winstead tied the knot, the couple’s next ambition was to own a house together. Finding a place to call home was the final step in completing their magical time together so far. 

They had been together for over a decade. The wedding was perfect, a ceremony of dreams held in beautiful Hawaii.  Both had careers that were blossoming and owning a home was finally within reach. Unfortunately, neither had a clue just how much trouble came with being a homeowner. 

Meant To be 

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The Winstead’s love story seemed preordained. They had met back in college and fell deeply in love. Haily was an English Lit major while Jane was an engineering student. The couple’s differing skills and interests complemented each other perfectly. 

The couple built a deep connection with each other. It often felt like they were soulmates destined to be together. The fact that they actually did find each other sometimes seemed like it was too good to be true. However, trouble was on the horizon whether they knew it or not. 

Island Life

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Hailey and Jane ha always harbored an ambition to move to Hawaii one day. Though both were in grad school, Hailey had cruised through her Ph.D. and Jane would soon be too. The couple was ecstatic when their dream move became a reality. 

The wedding was spectacular, taking place amid the backdrop of one of Hawaii’s most idyllic beaches. When the couple spotted a beautiful house during their time there, they knew that the time was right to complete the move they’d always spoken off. 

A Dream Home 

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Using a realtor, the pair set to work scouring the best neighborhoods Hawaii had to offer. It didn’t take long before one of their viewings left an indelible impression. 

The old couple that owned the place was taken with Hailey and Jane and even dropped their asking price a little. The couple was giddy with joy when they applied to buy the house, unaware of the trouble that lived just next door. 

Moving In 

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The house was perfect. It was a Spanish-styled hacienda with two stories and large, open spaces. Between the beautiful gardens, lush lawn, ornate architecture, and the gorgeous pool outside, the couple could not have been happier. 

Moving in was fun and after setting into the place, the couple slowly began adjusting to their new lives and routines. Things were going well and everything seemed perfect to the women until the trouble began. 

Not Alone

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Hailey had been putting her literature knowledge to use as an aspiring novelist. She was alone at home when she heard some noises outside. She was afraid and reached for a baseball bat to investigate.  

She peered through a crack in the curtain. It took a moment for her to register what she was looking at and became confused by the entire scene. She had no idea what was going on. 

The Kids


There was a group of teenage kids playing around in her pool. It seemed to be a kind of pool party as they had set up a stereo system and had a bunch of drinks out.  Hailey and Jane were new to the area so she hid her annoyance and decided to approach them in a friendly manner. 

The kids were obviously familiar with the place and she wondered if the previous owners had probably allowed it. All Hailey saw was potential legal trouble and she did not want to be held accountable for anything these kids got up to while there. She had to do something. 

Approaching Them

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Hailey’s mind was troubled by the entire affair as she approached. Politely asking why they were playing in her pool, one of the teens explained that the old owners were usually okay with it. 

She soon learned that they were the neighbor kids and asked them to leave. They refused and their lack of respect infuriated Hailey. She called Jane and explained what was happening. Jane told her to sit tight and the couple agreed to confront their neighbors later that afternoon.  

Calling On The Neighbors

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Hailey and Jane met up that evening and went over to the neighbor’s place. They introduced themselves and explained that the kids had been using their pool. To their surprise, the kids’ parents defended them and kept up the opinion that they had a right to since the old owners had allowed it. 

The kids’ mom tried to diffuse the situation and then asked if they could keep using it. Her reasoning was that they were “just kids” and “weren’t causing any trouble”.

Talking To Their Parents

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Hailey and Jane aired their fears about the kids using their pool, stating that they would be legally responsible if any of the children were to get hurt or, worse, drown on their property.

Such a scandal could strip them of their dream home and any future opportunities to own property. But there was an even bigger reason why the two couldn’t allow the kids to use their pool anymore. 

Next Friday

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“We didn’t know them that well for them to be coming into our place and using our pool,” a frustrated Hailey shared. She hoped the neighbors would hear them out and bar their kids from using the pool, but the following Friday got the shock of their lives.

Hailey and Jane were in their house that afternoon, enjoying the peace of knowing life was terrific. But then they heard a loud splash in their backyard accompanied by some chuckles. 

They’re Back

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The two hurried into the kitchen, seeing the neighbor’s kids alongside a few friends swimming in their pool. The teenagers had jumped the fence, disregarding the trespassing signs that Hailey and Jane placed near the pool.

The couple marched out, chased the kids, and then went over to talk to their parents. But the glares they received from the neighbors told them everything they needed to know about the situation. 


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Hailey and Jane returned home that afternoon dejected. They’d only wanted to find a place they could call their own, a place where the neighbors would respect them as much as they did them. 

Of course, the two would allow the kids to use their pool once they were at a level where they trusted each other enough. But since the neighbors treated them like dirt, Hailey and Jane would have their revenge. 

You’re On Camera

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A week passed before the kids sneaked into Hailey and Jane’s property again. They had no clue they were on camera while Hailey was calling the police. She reported the kids for trespassing, and the police didn’t waste time coming to pick them up.

Hailey dropped the charges with her wife by her side, promising her neighbors she wouldn’t be as lenient the next time. The two families would grow to be great friends, but their friendship would be built out of mutual respect.

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