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Mums are so special, so looking for Christmas gifts that reflect the lovely relationship you share is important. Shopping on Etsy is different from shopping in normal high street stores. Because you will get something that is more personal towards your mum. With Etsy, you get something that is handmade especially for you. And we all know that supporting small businesses is important. If you are reading this, you must be looking for something for your mum. hopefully, we can help you find the perfect gift.

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Gifts for the home

Although gifts for the home are usually a ‘no no’ when it comes to buying Mum a present. It is different when it is a personalized gift like the selection that weave here.

Funny Mum Coaster


This funny coaster is perfect for any mum. It is made from oak and engraved. This coaster is perfect for any mum because it is a practical gift that can be used again and again and because it comes with a promise of a cup of tea!

Favourite Child Mug


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Mums love their tea, so why not remind your mum who their favourite child is by buying them a mug to remind them. The best thing about this mug is not only getting your mum a lovely gift but it will also annoy your siblings!

Adorable Mum Cushion


This cushion is a perfect gift to give from a child who is no longer living at home. This cushion offers something to hug when a mum is missing their children. You can buy the cushion or just the cushion cover and you can choose mum or mummy on the cushion.

Personalised Towels for Mum


If you are looking for a gift for mum that you know will be used, why not consider a set of towels reminding her she is the best mum. You can choose individual towels or a set 3. There are 4 options for the colour of the towels with 18 options for the colour of words ‘Best mum’.

Personalised Plaques, Candles And Frames

I love walking into a house and seeing gifts that children have bought for their parents. These always take pride in place on a shelf. They make Mum smile when she looks at them and they lift her up when she is feeling fed up.

Reasons I Love You Message Bottle


This Jar contains 12 small scrolls which you can write about how much you love your mum or the reasons you love your mum. Your mum can then read them at her leisure or when she is having a bad day and she will always know how much she is loved.

10 Reasons Why I Love You Box


This cute wooden box contains 10 wooden hearts with reasons why you love your mum. You can choose from 2 different pre-written sets, write your own reasons or get 10 blank hearts which you can handwrite your own. This gift is perfect to remind your mum just why you love her.

Personalised Candle


All mums love candles so why not get a candle for your mum you can personalise. This candle has a 25 hour burn time. You can remind your mum why you love her as you can write your personalised message on the label of the jar.

Personalised Family Pebble Picture Frame


This cute personalised picture is made to order from a small business in the United Kingdom. It uses pebbles to represent your family and includes the names of your family members. I love this picture because you can also include your dog as a member of your family. This picture is perfect for any mum, even mums whose children have left the nest.

Mum Personalised Plaque Mum


This wooden plaque would make a lovely gift idea. It is pretty, mums can hang it at home by the attached twine, and it reminds mums that you love them. You can add an extra heart with a personalised name tag.

Personalised Heart Plaque Gift


This wooden heart with a wooden stand makes a lovely personalised gift for any mum. You can choose up to 6 names engraved to look like puzzle pieces around a central piece that says ‘mum’ but can be changed. Making it perfect for mamas, mummies as well as step-mums and grandmas.

Keyrings And Bags

When Mum has a gift like this, it shows how proud she is when she goes out. It makes her feel like she is the number one Mum in the world. And she wants everyone to know.

Mum Tote Bag


This tote bag is not only a lovely gift for mum but a useful one. This cotton tote bag comes in 5 colour options. It defines a mum as ‘someone who sees the best in their kids even when they drive her crazy because let’s face it, who doesn’t drive their mum crazy!

Mum & Daughter Pair of Keyrings


This leather matching keyring set is a perfect gift for mum. The keyring slot together to make a heart shape and come in 3 colours. This would make a perfect gift from a daughter as it has ‘like mother like daughter’ engraved and what daughter doesn’t want to be like their mum.

Personalised Mum Keyring


This lovely heart-shaped keyring would look lovely on the key of any mum. The heart says ‘this mummy belongs to…’ and you can add up to 10 tags with the names of children. Other variations of the word mummy are available on request.

Treats for mum

Perhaps you want to buy something as a treat for your mum, something to pamper herself with or a chocolate gift.

Spa Box for Her gift


Who doesn’t want to treat their mum? You can with this Spa box. All mums love their kids but would also love to be able to take a couple of hours out to pamper themselves. This Spa box also comes with a personalised message where you can tell your mum just how much you love her.

10 Piece Mum Personalised Chocolate Gift Box

This box of chocolate bars is £9.99 and perfect for any mum, because who doesn’t love chocolate? This box comes with 10 different bars of chocolate and a poem inside that includes puns on the names of the chocolate bars. You can choose the design of the lid to suit the occasion.

Check out lots of other gift guides and my tips on what not to buy here.

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