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Famous "Mejo" Diet Revealed – Quick & Healthy

World famous clinic Mejo, where are of obesity or substance abuse treated many Hollywood stars (Liz Taylor, Liza Minnelli, etc) revealed the original diet, which helps to reduce your weight. Strict loss for 14 days of 7.5 to 10 kg. You must follow the order and the amount of food.

Now, because of this healthy diet, some elements are known to ideas that do not belong to a broader clinic Mejo – the question arises whether the original diet is originally by Mejo or from the people who successfully applied. Either way – this diet is very popular, and what results in you can not achieve – but after a medical check and control the implementation of the child (3 eggs for breakfast every day hmm…is not a joke).

How it goes:

Breakfast – every day the same – half grapefruit, 3 soft-boiled eggs, black coffee

1. day

Lunch – 1 grapefruit, 2-3 soft-boiled eggs, boiled spinach, and black coffee

Dinner – 3 soft-boiled eggs, mixed salad, and 1 toast

2. day

Lunch – 1 grapefruit, 2-3 eggs, boiled spinach, black coffee

Dinner – a huge stack, olives, green salad

3. day

Lunch – 2-3 soft-boiled eggs, tomato, boiled spinach, and black coffee

Dinner – sheep steak, cucumber, and tomato

4. day

Lunch – 1 grapefruit, mixed salad, and black coffee

Dinner – 2-3 eggs, 1 toast, the cheese

5. day

Lunch – 1-3 eggs, boiled spinach, and black coffee

Dinner – mixed salad, baked fish in foil or on the barbecue (not fried or breaded)

6. day

Lunch – fruit salad without sugar

Dinner – a huge steak, tomato, cucumber, tea or coffee

7. day

Lunch – cold chicken, tomato, boiled celery, and carrots

Dinner – 1 grapefruit, black coffee, and vegetables

If you want to succeed in this healthy diet method of reducing weight then you need to follow it and don’t break the rules.

Source by Mladen Petrovic

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