Genius Boy Shares Prediction That Makes Scientists Uneasy

He Says He’s From Mars

This boy who comes from Russia has taken then the world by storm. Claiming to be from the planet Mars, he’s made several predictions about our planet while also giving details about the expanse of space.

His claims have raised many a brow across numerous fields, especially in the scientific community. But as absurd as some of them may sound, they have been confirmed to be true.

Contradictory Information

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If we go by the official data, Boriska Kipriyanovich was born in Russia in 1996. However, he has contradictory information regarding his origins.

According to Boriska, he was born on Mars a few hundred years ago but then reincarnated on Earth in 1996. As outlandish as his claim may be, details about Boriska will make you think twice.

An Extraordinary Kid

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The first detail about Boriska is that he’s not your typical kid. At the tender age of seven, he was already seven feet tall. But this wasn’t the most remarkable fact about Boriska.

That was reserved for his mind. Boriska could read, draw, paint, and write when he was one. His teachers and pediatricians commended his extraordinary memory and language skills, stating they’d never seen anything like it before.

Extraordinary IQ

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Boriska’s IQ was 200, which is higher than some of the most intelligent and greatest minds in history like Edison and Einstein, whose IQs were around 170.

To put this in perspective, most average IQs among elite scientists and university professors is usually 140. So, if Boriska’s IQ is truly at 200 or anywhere close, his intelligence is almost superhuman.

A Bewildered Mom

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Boriska’s mom, a Russian doctor, was amazed by her son’s astounding intelligence. “From the moment he came into this world, I could tell he was special,” she shared.

It wasn’t long after he started talking when he bewildered her with his thoughts, conversations, and theories. That was when she truly knew her little boy was unlike any other.

A Burning Passion

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From a young age, Boriska showed an unwavering interest in everything that pertained to space. At two years old, he knew intricate facts about galaxies, star and planetary systems, and planets that even high schoolers didn’t know.

But that wasn’t half of it. There was always a specific planet that Boriska’s interest revolved around: Mars.

His Stories

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Boriska’s mom shared that when her son was still a toddler, he’d tell her breathtaking facts about the red plant. He’d talk for hours, seemingly not running out of interesting things to say.

This could’ve been another indicator of Boriska’s intelligence. However, something rather uncanny about his knowledge and the stories he told made his mom think otherwise.

Bewildered Parents

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The mom revealed that neither she nor her husband, Boriska’s dad, ever told him stories about Mars or brought home books that delved into the planet.

So when Boriska started going on hour-long rants about what was happening in outer space, the dumbfounded parents had no choice but to ask where he’d learned all those fantastic facts. His answer left them speechless.

His Response

Boriska answer was that he was initially from Mars. He shared that he’d been born a few centuries before being reincarnated on earth. In his days on Mars, he used to be a war pilot.

When questions about why scientists hadn’t found any signs of life on Mars came, Boriska’s answer was short of appalling.

A Story Worth Believing

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Boriska revealed that the endless wars he’d been a part of while on Mars were the main reason that led to the extinction of all life on Mars.

He even went into specifics, stating that nuclear weapons wiped out his whole civilization. As he continued speaking, it became clear why he was on Earth now.

He Had

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He was on a mission to warn humans that they would meet the same fate as the Martian people if they didn’t stop researching and fabricating nuclear weapons.

When Boriska’s parents first heard this, they were understandably shocked. However, that wasn’t the only prediction the genius kid had to share. What’s even more alarming, some of them have been proven true after some years.


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He claimed that just in a matter of years, the Earth’s poles will flip; what this means is that the magnetic field in the North pole will switch to the South pole, and vice versa.

The last time this happened was about 42,000 years ago. This event’s effects were some extreme climatic conditions that led to the mass extinction of mammal life and some of humanity’s nearest relatives. But that’s not all.

The Experts Confirmed It

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According to the experts, the pole-flipping process has already begun. ‘The geomagnetic field has been decaying for the last 3,000 years,’ says Dr. Nicolas Thouveny from the European Centre for Research and Teaching of Environmental Geosciences (CEREGE).

‘If it continues to fall down at this rate, we will be in a critical period in less than one millennium.’ So Boriska may have gotten that right. And that’s not all.

He Had More To Say


Some other facts about Mars that Boriska told his parents and the media when he was just a kid were confirmed by NASA years later. When people heard about this, they couldn’t help but wonder how he knew.

And if that wasn’t enough, Boriska had some other predictions: “The human life will change when the Sphinx is opened, it has an opening mechanism somewhere behind the ear; I do not remember exactly.”

Was He Right?

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Boriska also claimed that he wasn’t the only one of his kind; according to the boy, there are more kids his age with the same talents and powers as him, who reincarnated from their original Martian selves.

It’s still a mystery how Boriska knew things that the scientists weren’t aware of until recently. But there’s another question: will the rest of his predictions come true?

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