Do Colon Cleansers Work and What Is the Ultimate Colon Cleanse?

There has been a lot of talk in the news and on the internet about colon cleansing and detoxing. With all the information coming at you so quickly, it can be hard to figure out one thing from another. You might be wondering:

Is colon cleansing the same thing as detoxing?

What are those weird looking things they show in pictures after cleansing?

Can it help me to lose weight?

Is it safe?

Let’s start from the beginning.

What is colon cleansing?

It is a process of eliminating waste and parasite build-up that sticks to the inside of your colon. The weird worm looking things you see in pictures are the waste and parasite build-up that is expelled from your body after a cleanse.

Confusion about the difference between detoxing and cleansing usually sets in when someone substitutes the word “detox” for “cleanse”. There are many methods of detoxification, ranging from soaking your feet in an ionic bath, to places patches on certain parts of your body. These detox methods suck the impurities through the pores in your skin. Detoxing in this way will not help clean the inside of the colon and usually will not result in weight-loss.  But, colon detoxing and colon cleansing are the same thing.

Can it help you lose weight?

In short, yes. It can help you lose weight. Of course, the immediate weight lost will just be waste from your colon. None of it will be fat. So, you will notice a slightly flatter tummy, but other parts of your body will be unaffected. But once the waste is gone from your colon, your body will absorb nutrients and vitamins more easily. This will boost your metabolism and immune system, which will in turn help you to burn fat throughout the day with no extra exercise.

Is it safe?

In short, the answer again is yes. Colon cleansing is one of the safest methods of weight loss. Most colon cleansing products are made from all-natural ingredients and contain no common allergens. Some people experience slight discomfort when the formula first starts to work breaking down the parasites and waste, but once the initial discomfort passes, there are usually no other side-effects. As with any medical treatment, it is wise to consult a doctor before doing anything on your own.

What is the Ultimate Colon Cleanse?

The Ultimate Colon Cleanse is a new colon cleanser that has been getting a lot of attention lately on TV, magazines, and the internet. It is similar to other colon cleansers in what it does, but it adds a few more formulas to go along with the regular colon cleansing formula. They include a probiotics formula that replenishes the good bacteria in your colon. It also has a night-time tea formula that is designed to be taken before bedtime to work slowly overnight so that you’ll experience no discomfort.

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