Healthy Foods That Make Breasts Bigger – Know the Right Nutrition For Your Bust Gain!

Are there healthy foods that make breasts bigger and turn them into sizes that a woman desire? Even if you do not believe there are such foods, you should know that the Chinese are among some cultures that believe in the capacity of food to enhance a woman’s breasts.

Full Cup Size Breast Growth for Chinese Women

Over the past ten years, the average size of the breasts of Chinese women has increased by one full cup size. Although environmental effects may be a contributing factor, nobody can explain what the Chinese women did to achieve their gains in breast size with studies still being carried out to understand the phenomenon.

The traditional Chinese diet includes the consumption of fish and rice which has no known estrogenic compounds that help you boost your bust size. With the increasing types of foods that are introduced to China, there are some speculations that the consumption of meat and dairy as well as foods that are “Americanized” can help women make their breasts grow bigger.

This leads to the theory that red meat and other livestock that are from the US may contain estrogenic agents that somehow lead to fuller breast sizes although the effects on health are unknown.

The Hormone Theory

While the types of estrogenic agents described earlier are uncertain, you should be aware that imbalances in hormone levels are believed to be the cause of underdeveloped breasts for 8 out of 10 women.

As such, scientists believe the infusion of hormone-balancing agents through the foods that we eat can contribute to the enhancement of women’s breasts.

And certain healthy foods can be taken to regulate one’s hormonal levels.

Foods That Contain Natural Estrogens

The Chinese for instance take a lot of soy products and these are certainly among the safe foods believed to be able to help in breast enhancement because they contain natural estrogens that are also known as phytoestrogens. The levels of these compounds in soy and other safe foods (e.g. many spices as well as whole grain foods and seeds) determine whether your breasts can indeed grow larger.

Some say that eating these types of “vegetarian” foods in high quantities may have little effect on the growth of your breasts. These opponents believe that the effects are nominal at best since it is nearly impossible to sustain the high intake of the phytoestrogens necessary to result in permanent breast growth.

Proponents disagree and pointed to the effectiveness of leading natural breast enhancement solutions that contain agents that are rich in phytoestrogens. These proponents based their opinions on the feedback of many women who had experienced long-term natural bust gains with these herbal products.

The above is some information about foods that make breasts bigger. Please consume such foods in moderation as too much intake of these foods may not necessarily be good for your health, just like anything else. Taking proven herbal supplements is a wise choice only if you purchase products that are proven and contain natural ingredients that are rich in phytoestrogens. And you will need to adhere strictly to the manufacturer’s recommended dosage and instructions should you wish to achieve safe and optimum natural bust gains.

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