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How To Lose More Than 50 Pounds Using Best Ways to The Master Cleanse Diet

Losing weight quickly with the master cleanse diet has become quite controversial. Many people believe that it is just not safe to lose so much weight in such a short amount of time. They also believe that you do not receive enough nutrition from this type of diet.

It is my experience that it is much better to lose ten or twenty pounds in the first week or two if you are more than 70 pounds overweight. It gives your body the break it needs from the unhealthy foods you have been eating and allows you to start over again with a healthier eating plan. Also, once you have lost so much weight so quickly you will be highly motivated to continue your weight loss.

You can stay on the master cleanse for several days and then go back to eating a little more food. Wait another week and then go back on the master cleanse again. You will have so much energy and feel much better after staying on this diet for the first week.

The master cleanse has been used successfully by tens of thousands of people around the world, including many celebrities. They have learned that it doesn’t have to take six months to a year to lose massive amounts of weight. There is no evidence of anyone reporting that this diet made them ill or caused them any problems over a long period.

If you need to lose more than fifty pounds I encourage you to find out more about this diet.

Source by Connie Ragen Green

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