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25 Fabulous Fruits Starting With F! (2023 Edition)

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Come and learn some fabulous fruits that start with F! There are some odd ones in this list that you may not have heard of.

From stone fruits to citrus fruits, berries, and beyond, this list of fruits will be a great resource for any quiz lover out there!

Fabulous Fruits Starting With F! | Hurry The Food Up

Every item on the list is an edible fruit but there’s no doubt they have different flavours. Fruit has so many health benefits, especially being high in vitamin C which is fantastic for your immune system.

I hope you enjoy jumping into this list and I can’t wait to see which new fruits you’d love to try so let me know in the comments!

Let’s learn 25 fruits beginning with the letter F!

I never knew there were this many, did you? Surprise yourself and your family by trying to remember all of the different types of fruit in this list.

Fairchild Tangerine Fruit

This fruit is a cross between clementine mandarin and Orlando tangelos. Although not easy to peel it is a juicy fruit with a sweet taste.

The Chinese believe the stems and leaves are a sign of good luck. The scientific name is Citrus reticulata.

Fairchild tangerine fruit are in the wooden box | Hurry The Food Up

False Mastic Fruit

The fruit from this tree is small and orange in colour which has a gummy pulp inside. The flowers are said to have a cheesy smell.

The species name is Sideroxylon foetidissimum.

False Jaboticaba

The false jaboticaba or blue grape originates from South America. They are usually snacked on but the stone isn’t edible. The tree can grow up to 15 ft and has long bright green leaves.

The scientific name is Myrciaria vexator.

False jaboticaba | Hurry The Food Up

False Pineapple

This is a bright pinky-red fruit which is closely related to the pineapple and is native to South America. It is not often eaten and is harvested more for its ornamental properties.

The scientific name is Ananas macrodontes.


Also known as the sparkleberry (how cute is that!), the farkleberry is native to the southeastern and south-central states of America.

It can mainly be found growing on sand dunes, meadows, dry hillsides and rocky woods.

The species name is Vaccinium arboreum.

Farkleberry | Hurry The Food Up

Fascell Mangoes

This is a variety of mango that originated in Florida named after the farmer Michael Fascell. Its flesh is sweet and fiberless and it often appears heart-shaped.

The species name is Mangifera indica ‘Fascell’.

Fazli Mango

This variety of mango is grown mainly is Bangladesh and is quite large in size. It can weigh up to one kilo and they even have a giant statue of fazli mangoes on a roundabout in Rajshahi.

The species name is Mangifera indica ‘Fazli’.

Fresh fazli mango | Hurry The Food Up

Fe’i Bananas

Although similar to regular bananas, you would be forgiven for thinking they belong to the carrot family as they have orange-red skin and yellow/orange flesh inside. They are also high in beta-carotene just like carrots!

Its species name is Musa × troglodytarum L.


Native to the highlands in South America this fruit is similar to guava. It is sweet in taste and has a flavour of pineapple, apple and mint – which sounds delicious to me!

The species name is Feijoa sellowiana.

Whole fruits and some pieces of feijoa | Hurry The Food Up

Fibrous Satinash Fruit

This fruit comes from rainforest trees native to the monsoon forests of Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Australia. They taste sour and are used in confectionery and jams.

The species name is Syzygium fibrosum.

Field Cucumbers

Field cucumbers are exactly what they sound like, cucumbers that are grown in a field (as opposed to a greenhouse).

They are shorter in length than greenhouse cucumbers but larger in diameter. Although they have seeds and thicker skin.

The scientific name is Cucumis sativus.


The fig tree is ornamental, and the fruit has been used since ancient times. Figs can be eaten raw or dried and placed into jams, cakes and biscuits.

The species name is Ficus carica.

One whole fruit of a fig lies in the middle of the plate, surrounded by some halves of figs | Hurry The Food Up

Finger Lime

This is found in Australia and is favoured by gourmet chefs. It is being trialled as a commercial crop and is usually green or red in colour.

Its species name is Citrus australasica.

Finger Limes are on the wooden surface | Hurry The Food Up

Five-leaved Bramble Berry

This is a species of raspberry found mainly in Asia and North America. It is also known as the strawberry leaf raspberry and creeping raspberry.

The species name is Rubus pedatus.

Flatwoods Plum

This plum tree can live for 40 years and reach up to 20 feet in height. It is found across the United States and the fruit is used mainly in jams and jellies.

Its species name is Prunus umbellata.

 Flatwoods Plums | Hurry The Food Up

Florentine Citron

A highly fragrant citrus fruit, which originated in Italian Renaissance gardens.

Its species name is Citrus × limonimedica.

Florentine Crabapple

This tree is native to Italy. Found centuries ago in the Rennaissance gardens it is an ornamental tree by nature. The seeds of the crabapple contain cyanide and can be toxic.

Its species name is Malus florentina.

Florida Cherry

The Florida cherry is also called the Surinam Cherry, and it is a small red-orange fruit that is shaped like a small gourd. It is found mainly in South America and is used in jams predominantly.

The scientific name is Eugenia uniflora.

Four ripe fruits of Florida cherry lie on the wooden surface | Hurry The Food Up

Florida Strangler Fig

This fruit grows on a tree native to Florida, but it also grows in the Caribbean and southern Mexico. It gets its name from the seeds germinating around the base of a host tree.

The fig fruit is edible but is also used for other commercial items such as dye.

The species name is Ficus aurea.

Fony Baobab Fruit

This is a deciduous tree which is indigenous to Madagascar. The fruit ripens in Autumn and has kidney-shaped stones inside.

The species name is Adansonia rubrostipa.

Fony baobab fruit, pulp and seeds | Hurry The Food Up

Forest Strawberry

Forest strawberries are also known as wild strawberries or Alpine strawberries. They are the small common type you may find in your garden.

They are a lot smaller than regular strawberries but they are still edible.

The species name is Fragaria vesca.

Some branches of forest strawberry lie on the wooden surface | Hurry The Food Up

Fox Grape

The term ‘foxy’ in the fox grape relates to the foxy musk aroma that comes from the fruit, which is earthy and sweet. The skin slips off when the fruit is squeezed gently removing the need for crushing.

Its species name is Vitis labrusca.

Fuji Apples

The Fuji Apple originated from Fujisaki in Japan and is a sweet crisp fruit. It was originally a cross between a Red Delicious and the old variety Virginia Ralls Janet apples. It was introduced to stores in the 1960s.

The species name is Malus domestica.

Fuji Cherry

This cherry tree is found in Japan and gets its name as it grows mainly around Mount Fuji.

The species name is Prunus incisa.

Fuji cherry | Hurry The Food Up

Fukushu Kumquat

This plant originated in Japan and although it is grown mainly for ornamental purposes, it bares sweet kumquat fruit. These kumquats are larger than the average ones.

They make great salads, marmalades and desserts.

The species name is Fortunella obovata.

Fukushu Kumquat | Hurry The Food Up

25 Fabulous Fruits Starting With F! (2023 Edition)


Are you feeling fruity? then let’s learn 25 fruits beginning with the letter F: get your brain-boggling fix today!

  • Fairchild Tangerine Fruit
  • False Mastic Fruit
  • False Jaboticaba
  • False Pineapple
  • Farkleberry
  • Fascell Mangoes
  • Fazli Mango
  • Fe’i Bananas
  • Feijoa
  • Fibrous Satinash Fruit
  • Field Cucumbers
  • Fig
  • Finger Lime
  • Five-leaved Bramble Berry
  • Flatwoods Plum
  • Florentine Citron
  • Florentine Crabapple
  • Florida Cherry
  • Florida Strangler Fig
  • Fony Baobab Fruit
  • Forest Strawberry
  • Fox Grape
  • Fuji Apples
  • Fuji Cherry
  • Fukushu Kumquat

Well, I thought that list was really interesting, don’t you agree? I love the fact they weren’t the most popular fruits. I can’t help but want to eat a fruit salad now, the thought of all these delicious fruits is making me hungry.

If you want to learn even more take a look at my posts on vegetables and food that start with F.


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