Liquid Diet – Drink Yourself Thin

One of the most popular diets as of late is the liquid diet. Although it sounds quite easy and straight forward that you simply drink liquids.  It actually is a bit more complicated than that. The reason for this is because it actually matters what liquids you consume during this diet. You cannot just drink anything and assume you will lose weight because it is in liquid form. For instance, you cannot drink chocolate milk all the time and expect to lose pounds. Instead, you will want to get your liquids through drinks that are full of natural and whole fruit smoothies and juices.

One of the main reasons why the liquid diet works so well at helping you lose weight is because you get so many of the recommended fruit and vegetable servings in one smoothie or juice drink. Only about 20 percent of Americans get this required number, so to be able to reach it with a drink or two is simple. In addition to getting the required serving of these products, you also are getting an abundance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. A beneficial side effect is that you are putting less of a strain on your digestive system because it simply has to digest liquid.

The reason this is such a great thing is because your body actually is able to absorb the nutrients it needs at a faster pace. Because regular food takes so long to digest, your body actually uses most of its energy just trying to digest food. As a result, much of the foods you eat do not get digested properly. Instead, they simply are put into storage, which then turns into fat overtime. Sometimes even eating healthy food can result in stored fat because it is so difficult and time consuming on your body to digest it. A liquid diet avoids all this.

If you have been considering trying a liquid diet, there are a few ways to tell whether you are a good candidate. Because this diet can cause you to lose a lot of weight in a short period of time, it is better if you are overweight and can stand to lose several pounds. If you are looking to lose between five and ten pounds, this most likely is not for you. In addition, you want to be someone who can stick to the diet because you really only can consume liquids.

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