Man Got Trans Surgery, Wakes Up And Spots Something On His Leg

A Big Mistake

The doctor suggested taking tablets to stop his testosterone production and urged him to begin gender transition as soon as feasible. Naturally, the man revealed his psychological issues and questioned the psychiatrist as to why she was advocating for gender treatment without taking into account all of the circumstances.

But he didn’t press any farther because of how young and defenseless he was. He started his gender transition, began identifying as a woman, and adopted a new name for himself. However, once he finished the final procedure, there was one question on his mind: “Oh God. What have I done?”

A Troubled Man

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The reason why Riley Edwards initiated the gender reassignment process was to live in a body that felt more like his own.

He had his fair share of troubles in life, and he convinced himself that gender reassignment would solve all of his problems. However, he would soon come to regret this decision.

Speaking Up

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Riley lived in London with his sister and her husband. Riley, who is currently a male, spent his late 20s as a woman by the name of Denise; he only made the decision to change his gender following a spate of unpleasant incidents.

Now that he has shared his experience with the public, he hopes that it may encourage those who are considering gender reassignment to think twice before undergoing such a significant life change.

A Tough Life

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Riley was born in the late eighties. His mother worked as a nurse, and his father owned a butchery. However, he encountered numerous problems in life, and the situation only worsened when he lost his parents when he was just five years old.

He went into his sister Marion’s care, who was a young adult at the time. Riley would experience some of his most difficult mental struggles during that time.

Mental Struggles

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During his teenage years, Riley began questioning his sexuality. However, he tried his best to shove those feelings down, but this resulted in his struggles with depression and anxiety.

He was also diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder as a result of the repetitious actions he took to hide his actual nature and misery. Despite how serious each disorder was, it was merely the beginning of his everlasting issues.

His Problem

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After spending hours on the internet seeking help, he learned about gender dysphoria. The discomfort a person may experience as a result of a mismatch between their gender identity and biological sex is known as gender dysphoria.

Riley believed that gender dysphoria was the cause of everything he was experiencing. He became even more perplexed when the people he encountered on those sites persuaded him that he might be trans.

Getting Help

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Riley felt alone in his struggles, so he sought out professional help. The places he went to directed him to a physician who did not contest his diagnosis of gender dysphoria.

He was referred to Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne & Wear NHS Foundation Trust’s Northern Region Gender Dysphoria Service. That’s where Riley’s problems would become out of control.

The Right Thing

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Getting an appointment was a difficult process. However, he knew it was what he needed. After a few weeks, he finally managed to get an appointment.

He saw the psychiatrist two times before she diagnosed him with transsexualism. Riley came to terms with it, even though he felt confused as to how she reached that conclusion, given that they’ve barely spoken.


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It was the psychiatrist’s recommendation that Riley needed to begin gender reassignment as soon as possible. She even prescribed him medication that would stop testosterone production. Naturally, Riley gave her an explanation of his mental health problems and questioned her recommendation.

However, he was young and desperate, so he complied. He began the procedure and began introducing himself as a woman. After the procedure was done, he could not help but question what he has done to himself.

Not Ready

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Gender reassignment is no easy task. It takes several months to finish and requires enormous mental power. It involves taking prescription medications and undergoing several operations.

Riley made every effort to delay the second stage of the procedure since he knew he wasn’t prepared for the operations. He was repeatedly warned by the program he was in that if he continued to decline prospects for surgery, they would remove him from their list. Riley gave in to the strain as he realized how far he had come.

Thinking It Through

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Riley had turned down two different surgery opportunities before finally giving in. He’d only stayed in the program for this long because of the mental therapy he got alongside the procedures.

“Those therapy sessions were my lifeline,” Riley shared. “I was battling many self-worth issues at the time, feeling like I wasn’t even supposed to be alive.” The program informed him that he could continue with therapy only if he took part in the surgeries.

Succumbing To The Pressure

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Before Riley knew it, nurses wheeled him to the operating room for irreversible surgery. “I didn’t even see the surgeon,” he shared. “I was very much in the mindset of “I’m here now, there’s no stopping it even if I wanted to.”

The process involves surgically removing parts of the male reproductive system and replacing them with female organs. Although the surgery would be successful, Riley would come out with a single question seared into his mind: “Oh God. What have I done?”

His Life Now

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Riley’s life has become almost unbearable, with his health digging into his job as a civil servant and personal life. “It takes me about ten to fifteen minutes in the bathroom while taking a short call,” he said.

“My body is numb, shell-choked from all the procedure done to it.” He is filled with regret for falling victim to a process that seemingly preyed on his vulnerability.

The Truth

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As it stands, Riley is among an emerging population of individuals who took part in gender reassignment due to pressure. Their medical practitioners didn’t consider the various factors around their patients’ situations, pushing them into irreversible procedures that have ruined lives instead of saving them.

Derrick Hanningfield, Riley’s barrister, stated that Riley and the many like him are now faced with “a lifetime of medical care and consequences.”

Irreversible Steps

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Riley is suing the program he took part in. He believes he was pushed into making “the biggest mistake of his life” that has left him “infertile, incontinent, and with ongoing pain.” “Transition is now being sold to people on a mass scale,” Riley says. “I’m proof the whole system has to become far more robust. How many more people are there out there like me?” He hopes his story will encourage folk to think everything through before taking or prescribing steps they can’t reverse.

Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.

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