Dog And Baby Become Best Friends But Something Goes Wrong

The Footage

As he switched on the baby monitor, Glen Joseph’s body felt coiled with tension. His gut told him he would find the answer, but did he want to know?

His gut had led him in the right direction. In the footage, he could see his son making his way toward the dog, and that’s when his body was filled with an overwhelming emotion he didn’t quite understand.

It Was A Big Change

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For Glen Joseph and his wife, Georgia, moving to Wisconsin had been a significant change. The pair of 28-year-olds were not accustomed to life in the Midwest. 

Glen was a CPA, while Georgia was a fifth-grade school teacher. Sunny Florida had been a far cry from the frigid temperatures out here, but the weather wasn’t the only surprise waiting for them. 

The News

As a CPA, Glen’s greatest ambition was to work for one of the “big four” firms. When he was offered a senior associate position at one of them, it was a dream come true. 

He knew Georgia would support him since the position was so far away. What he didn’t expect was the other big news the couple would get once they reached there. 

The Other News


Shortly after their marriage, the couple had adopted a rescue dog. Caesar was a white Boxer with black and brown highlights. Adopted from a local rescue shelter, he had a very docile personality for such a large dog.

It was also a sign that he’d likely experienced trauma as a former “street dog”. When the Josephs heard that Georgia was pregnant too, they knew their little family was complete. 

Their New Life

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Settling into their new lives hadn’t been easy. Milwaukee was a city whose places and customs differed from theirs, but they adjusted well.

The months flew by blissfully, and the couple found themselves loving their new life and home. In January 2020, the big moment they had all been waiting for finally arrived. 

Little Mick

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Mickel Joseph was a six-pound, nine-ounce baby. Glen and Georgia were thrilled. It seemed they were blessed beyond their wildest imaginations. It didn’t take long for this to all change.

After little “Mick” was born, later that same evening, Georgia could tell something wasn’t right. Her suspicions were confirmed when doctors gave the couple some bad news.  

It Was A Scary Moment

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The doctors informed the Josephs that Mick had a rare heart defect. At first, this news was highly distressing, and the couple feared the worst. 

Their fears eased once the doctors explained that the defect was treatable as long as directions were followed. It was a huge relief, but there was still one snag; Mick couldn’t leave the hospital just yet.

They Finally Met

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After a two week wait, Mick was finally deemed healthy enough and discharged. A little worried about how Caesar would react to the infant, the couple were ecstatic when Caesar immediately took to Mick. 

The pair were like brothers, and Caesar showed more excitement these days than ever before. The couple now had a new problem.  

The Brothers

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Caesar was fully grown, and Mick was still too delicate. The couple tried to keep them apart more, but Caesar refused to leave his side. Eventually, Mick’s crib was set up with Caesar’s doggy bed beside it. 

Seeing how Caesar watched over Mick day and night was touching. The two were like brothers. However, like any other sibling relationship, trouble wasn’t far away either.

They Were Inseparable

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Part of Mick’s treatment regime required the rubbing of nitroglycerine gel on his chest before bed, but he was otherwise as carefree as any young child. In no time, a year passed, while Mick and Caesar became inseparable along the way. 

As Mick grew, he cherished every moment spent near his “brother.” That was when Glen first noticed that something was wrong with Caesar. 

Caesar’s Paws


Glen noticed that Caesar would frantically lick his paws every morning. Checking them, Glen found they were red, gave off a weird scent, and seemed to be having some sort of allergic reaction. 

Glen’s instincts told him to check Mick’s room since the pair both slept there each night. Glen had installed a baby camera in the room. As he studied it now, his jaw dropped.  

Mystery Solved

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Now that Mick was old enough to walk, it seemed each night, after tossing and turning and not being able to sleep, Mick would climb out of his crib. 

Snuggling himself next to Caesar and sleeping with the dog’s paws around him had become a routine. Glen finally realized what the weird smell on Caesar’s paws was; it was Mick’s nitroglycerine ointment. 

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