Meal Plans to Lose Weight – 3 Meal Plans You Can Start Right Now

Hi guys and gals. Let see what I have for you!

So, do you think it is possible to have simple meal plans to lose weight and stay healthy? Something that’s not complicated and hard follow? I am here to tell Yes! it is possible, How? Keep reading, I will show you how

I am putting some meal plans that will not only help you achieve your health goals but also help in weight loss. Yes, that’s true, you don’t have to starve to burn fat. You can eat healthy and still lose weight.

Okay following are the 3 meals plans I promised.


Before I write the diet plans let me say this, proteins must be part of your meals, and breakfast should be no exception.

Some things that should be included in the breakfast are organic eggs, cottage cheese, raw nut butte or smoked fish. These are essential to healthy breakfast. Add Carbohydrates in form of vegetables, oatmeal, fruits, or sprouted grain bread.

Okay, no more waiting, here are the 3 meal plans to lose weight for breakfast:

  1. 1 green apple and smoked Salmon over sliced tomato.
  2. 1/2 Grapefruit with 2 hard boiled eggs and 1 slice of sprouted grain toast.
  3. Almond butter with Oatmeal, which can be topped with bit of Stevia for sweetening and topped with fresh berries.


Again, you need to add protein in all meals. The easiest way to have proteins for lunch is to store leftovers from last nights dinner. Chicken chunks and pieces of fish, all are great sources of proteins. Just add them in your lunch over salads.

Okay the 3 meal plans are here:

  1. Cooked vegetables or green salad with lean hamburger with mushrooms and brown rice. Add 1 orange and have a great lunch.
  2. Broccoli with left over chicken legs/wings and 1/2 sweet potato.
  3. Baked Tilapia with sauteed spinach, green salad and chick peas. Add vinegar and oil as dressing. Take 1/2 pineapple after that.


With dinner most people have more time than breakfast or lunch, so, you can spend little time and be creative with your least meal of the day. You can modify recipes that require little time. Always add healthy ingredient or your won’t lose weight nor remain or get healthy. Once again, do not forget to include carbohydrates and proteins in your dinner as well.

  1. Rice pasta and buffalo meat balls with sauteed broccoli.
  2. Green salad, oil and vinegar as dressing, with grilled Salmon over asparagus. You can follow that up with fresh fruit salad.
  3. Or you can go for Mexican Salad, which is made from ground beef with shredded lettuce and tomato. Top that up with guacamole and brown rice.

Snacks are here!

I here you saying, what! Weight loss programs say no to snacks. I told you in the start that we will eat, lose weight and stay healthy.

Let me explain why we need snacks (not the kind most people have). If you go hungry for long it becomes difficult to follow meal plans to lose weight. Also, with prolonged hunger you will lead yourself to binge eating of junk food. So, keep healthy snacks nearby. This way you will not experience hunger and low blood sugar levels.

3 meals that make terrific snacks are:

  1. Cottage cheese and pineapple.
  2. 1/2 apple with 2 Tbsp Almond butter.
  3. Trail mix made with almonds, walnuts, dried fruits and pumpkin seeds.

Just by following these meal plans you can help yourself to lose weight and become and stay healthy without dieting. So, follow these meal plans to lose weight.

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