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Nutrisystem Showcases Sports Hero As Weight Loss Role Model For Men

Sports celebrity, such as former football player Dan Marino, are acting as positive, healthy role models for men who are trying to lose weight. Dan Marino’s inspirational message shows men that even former fit football stars need help with weight loss.

Marino dispels the “macho” stereotype that dieting isn’t just for women. Men don’t have to feel deprived from delicious, hearty food when they are trying to lose that extra weight. As men age, they have a tendency to gain weight which can lead to health problems in the long run. Marino is a shining example that men in their 40s and 50s can eat delicious food with the help of the prepackaged meal system.

Nutrisystem caters to men and their weight loss needs. The program offers a general weight loss program for men, for male diabetics and for male seniors. Men still want to eat hearty food like pizza, burgers and chips and these programs are specifically designed to fit men’s dietary needs.

How the Program is Geared Towards Men

The men’s program emphasizes great-tasting comfort food choices that men usually prefer (like meat and potatoes). Male clients can choose from 120 prepackaged meals. With the Advanced program, men get to eat six times a day instead of the regular five times a day. Foods that are included in the prepackaged meals are low in fat, high in protein and fiber, and also low in carbohydrates to help promote weight loss.

For men who work long hours they don’t have time to plan complicated meals. The prepackaged meals help take the guess work out of portion sizes and meal planning. Men can also order their preferred meal choices and have them delivered to either their home or office.

Men Receive Coaching and Support from Trained Nutritionists

Male dieters can meet with trained nutrition counselors for extra support and help with their weight loss goals. The Advanced Program is another smart eating plan for men (which include heart-healthy omega-3 fats).

There are also other educational tools that can help male dieters: personalized meal planner, Mindset Makeover guide, exercise DVD and online account and community access guide. Male dieters can also utilize the online resources and information if they don’t have time to meet with counselors. The plan is easy and sensible to follow, and helps men shed those unwanted pounds.

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