Patagonia Better Sweater Vs. Quilted Snap-T: Which One Is Better?

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  • The Patagonia ¼-Zip Better Sweater and Quilted Snap-T are two of the brand’s most popular styles.
  • I own and recommend both, but each has a slight advantage over the other depending on the use.
  • Below is a breakdown of the fit, materials, and my experience to help you decide between the two.





Patagonia has long been an Insider Reviews favorite for its sustainable practices and quality gear, but no products have gotten as much use and attention from us as the brand’s pullovers, specifically the Better Sweater Quarter-Zip and the Quilted Snap-T.

These two styles have practically become the official work-from-home uniform for myself and several of my colleagues over the last two years. While both are comfortable, versatile, and just as easy to sport at home as in the outdoors, each has a slight edge over the other depending on what you plan to use it for.

writer wearing patagonia better sweater vs. quilted snap-T pullover


Ashley wearing the 1/4-Zip Better Sweater (left) and the Quilted Snap-T (right).

Ashley Phillips/Insider

I own and regularly wear both, so if you’ve found yourself deciding between the two, here’s a quick breakdown of each style and what to expect. Truthfully, you can’t go wrong with either one.


patagonia better sweater and quilted snap tee fabric comparison


A close-up of the Better Sweater (left) and the Quilted Snap-T (right).

Ashley Phillips/Insider

The Better Sweater is made from 100% recycled polyester fleece and has a knit exterior with a soft, fuzzy lining. The material is fairly lightweight for how warm it is, making it easy to layer under a heavy coat when needed. I recently wore mine on a ski trip to Vermont (where the temperature was -12 degrees with the wind chill) and it was just the right top to wear under my parka.

The Quilted Snap-T is made from a blend of soft organic cotton and recycled polyester. While the Better Sweater is best suited for fall and winter, the breathable cotton makes the Quilted Snap-T a good choice year-round. I love how comfortable the cotton is, but it’s also not as durable as the fleece.

 Design features

patagonia better sweater sleeve zippered pocket vs quilted snap-T front snap pocket


The Better Sweater’s zip pocket is perfectly sized for a credit card. The Quilted Snap-T’s chest pocket is functional but mostly decorative.

Ashley Phillips/Insider

Both of these Patagonia pullovers are excellent options for wearing at home or for running around town, but I’ve found they differ slightly when it comes to outdoor activities.

As I mentioned, the Better Sweater’s recycled fleece is more durable, and it also has a sportier fit, making it a better option for more strenuous hikes or runs. I wore mine après-ski, but it would be a great base layer to wear while hitting the slopes. It also comes in more than 10 colors.

The Quilted Snap-T has a boxier fit and a casual style that looks at home with jeans and sneakers. I often wear mine with jeans, while I wear the Better Sweater exclusively with athletic leggings. The Snap-T is what I usually reach for before taking a long walk in Central Park. It currently comes in two colors, ivory and olive green.

Each has a stand collar to help block out wind and one pocket on either the sleeve or the chest.


I own the pullovers in a size XS (my go-to in most clothing) and while they fit, I would have been happy with one size up. To me, they both seem to run on the small side, especially the Better Sweater. I’ve also found the Quilted Snap-T’s cotton more prone to shrinking in the dryer.

And, while the design of the Quilted Snap-T appears the same in both men’s and women’s sizes, the Better Sweater has some variance. The women’s style is tailored through the torso while the men’s has a straighter cut, something to keep if you have a fit preference.

The bottom line

If you plan to spend more time outdoors and want lots of color choices, go with the Better Sweater. If you care more about comfort and want something that fits in with other casual clothing, I recommend the Quilted Snap-T. Either way, you won’t be disappointed.

I’ve been washing and wearing mine weekly and they both still look new. Plus, it feels good to know they’re made with recycled and organic materials. I have no doubt I’ll be wearing each one for years to come.

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