Positive Thinking – Only the Tip of the Iceberg to a Successful Life

While it gladdens my heart that a movie like “The Secret” is now becoming a main stream topic touting that if you just change your thinking to “positive thoughts” you’ll change your life, it is not the whole story, but rather just the tip of the ice berg to the creation of a successful life.

Humans are the most fascinating topic on the planet. We are complex and in large part, still quite a secret to ourselves. But that’s the fun of being human, working out the mysteries. Human behavior has been the focus of interest for a very long time. We’ve come at it from the psychological aspect, behavior aspect, spiritual aspect, and emotional aspect. None have given us a clear picture of how they all fit together as the congruent whole.

However, we are gaining in our understanding of our parts, to be sure.

Positive thinking is much like the chicken and the egg question. Which comes first: the happy life, therefore positive thoughts; or positive thoughts, and therefore a happy life.?

The key component in any positive change in a person’s life is first and foremost, free will. The absolute ability to exercise our free choice and make a new decision, pick a new path; and then, using that free will, to continue that new path with focus and determination and commitment. I call this applied spirituality. We use our free will to apply our spirit (energy) in the manner and place we consciously choose.

On that single fact, the presence of free will choice, any life can change. The variables in the success of that choice are myriad. Obviously previous conditioning is what any individual either has in their favor or is pulling against to move forward. Those who have been raised in an environment where they were encouraged to believe in themselves, esteem themselves will make these changes more easily, because they already BELIEVE they can and will. Likewise, those who have been conditioned (humanized) to believe they are not good enough, smart enough, wise enough will have a more challenging time in making a turn around.

But I’ve witnessed people make amazing positive changes in their lives. I’ve studied people and human behavior in conjunction with their spirituality for 30 years now. And there is nothing we cannot be, do or have. However, change happens in an evolutionary fashion, not as we would prefer, in a revolutionary fashion. Positive change (or negative) happens one logical step at a time.

This is how it works. We have a present condition in our lives that we don’t like. It doesn’t feel good. We then desire a change. In that one singular moment is the greatest degree of clarity about what it is that we truly want. We know with absolute certainty what is exactly that we now want to experience. I am remembering Scarlet O’Hara’s moment in Gone With the Wind where she declares, “I swear I’ll never be hungry again!” It was then and there that she was absolutely clear about what she wanted and definitely lined her internal self up with her new choice. It is also in that very moment when we either commit to our new decision or we give up on it immediately. Courageous people commit; cowards give up.

we line up with our new choice, lots of things rush in, the first is doubt. We doubt that we can. We have no idea how. And for many, that is about all that ever happens. We want something new, we disbelieve it, and therefore, cut that new choice off before it has even a chance to gain a tiny root.

For those who want it enough and are brave enough to trust, something else happens. I call it living with the ambiguity. We have no idea how. We have no idea when or where or who. We have only that new dream, that new choice, but we line up our energy (our Spirit or Gochip) from within behind that new decision. Now that new vision begins to grow new little roots.

From there we take the “doing” steps. We start looking for the steps that come our way that support the new decision. We look for them with the expectation that they are there. “Ah, there it is.” The way is opening up. We acknowledge that the step is there! We are grateful. We keep looking for the next step and the next and the next. Doubt never comes into play.

This perhaps is where positive thinking comes in, to deflect the doubt and change the old operating patterns of the old human, conditioned mind. But along with that we need to visualize what we dream, down to the last detail and often. We need to see it and feel it as if it were real right now. We do this to bring “energy” into the dream and literally give it life.

Thoughts are energy. And the more energy we give to our dream, the more it becomes “matter” and manifestation.

The “doing” part is equally important. We must take the steps, and in those steps of doing, we are focusing our Life Force like a laser. This focus of our Life Force is how we create. Literally, this is how we create something new, by applying our spirit deliberately and consciously on what we want.

Ask anyone who has a life situation that is a mess. They created the “mess” which is proof positive that we are powerfully creative beings. The difference is that they have been focusing their Life Force on the consciousness level in which they were comfortable and familiar. It’s when we reach upward for more or better – something that we have no experience of – that the challenge is great. This requires new thoughts, new areas of focus. For example, if I want to have more money, it is certain that I have to have new thoughts about money. If I only have my current consciousness of money, I must seek out new thoughts and new ideas of money. I might hang out with people who have no worries about money and learn how they believe and think. I might read books about money. I might talk to people who have money. I find new ideas and refocus my Life Force in that direction. And then, I take the “doing” steps in that new direction.

In my understanding, the way we create is simple. We create what we are focused on. Period. The problem is that we focus on what is our “default” set of thoughts and beliefs; or we focus on distractions which have nothing to do with making a positive change.

What distracts us from that pure, positive focus is the human mind and its conditioning in fear, doubt and lack. Our Spirit, our Godchip, is always on board for what we want. The practice is in learning to put the human mind in its place as the executioner of what we will, not wagging us around with the old tapes. Free will also means choosing in the moment to turn the TV off and practice Italian or read a book about money, or go hear a lecture on weight loss. Free will also means I will talk about my new dream, I will, find people, places, and things that support my new dream. I will not watch 14 hours of reruns, or talk the same old talk. I will. I WILL it, therefore, I do it.

Positive thinking is the goal, it is not the way. Believing is the way. Self discipline of thought and focus is the vehicle. Learning to discern the human mind blather from the Gochip inspiration is the journey.

Positive change is simple. It is not easy. But what is really encouraging is that these topics are now in main stream thought for consideration. We are now collectively on the hunt for the solution to the mysteries of human kind. And all this has come to pass because we have asked powerfully for the answers; and they are being given.

Truly this is the most exciting time to be alive. We are closer now than every before in mastering ourselves.

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Source by Kathy Kirk

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