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Weight Loss Pros & Cons – Mostly Cons

Why so many are taken in by weight loss promises?

Desperation, frustration, anxiety over health, etc, lots of normal human reasons, but these reasons can render you vulnerable to dodgy products. Don’t despair, there is a real solution. How many advertisements have you seen for weight loss? The special exercise device that promises amazing results- Big Lie. If you read the small print, you will see it needs to be used in conjunction with an 800-a-day calorie diet.

Of course, you lose weight, it’s called starvation, loss of muscle mass, completely unsafe, and unsustainable. What about the magic diet pills that work wonders according to the testimonials? Most of these pills do one of two things.

1. They block fat absorption in the small intestine. In theory, this is OK, but! They also block the essential fatty acids; they are called essential because we need them to sustain life. They also block fat-soluble vitamins. Vitamin A, D, E & K. Again life-sustaining nutrients.

2. They are said to burn fat fast, and blast the fat off! What they refer to is trying to increase your metabolic rate, i.e. the speed at which your liver processes fats.

Again this is OK in theory, but! The process of stimulating liver function is not fast, nor is it simple, and is very much dependent on the state of toxicity in the gut and the cells, and the extracellular matrix, i.e. the space between cells.

Exercise increases your metabolism, but you have to be patient, as it can take up to 8 -12 weeks before this metabolic change occurs. So don’t give up too quickly. Most people quit before they reap the rewards of their exercise.

I can eat whatever I like and still lose weight. Lose all the weight you want without exercise. 2 more great big lies.

Think about it for just a few minutes, and you will realize the folly of these stupid claims.

What about the amazing herbal teas? Maybe they have some validity, but most only remain on the market for the duration of an advertising blitz, and a couple of famous conmen have been jailed over their weight loss tea scams.

But you say, all those people who have lost weight, it must be true, I saw it on TV.

Some years ago I attended a marketing boot camp as I wanted to learn how best to promote a health program. On stage, I was told I should get a TV celebrity to endorse it.

I was naive and said I did not know any. The panel laughed and said. You don’t need to know them, you just buy them! A few thousand for a faded star and many thousands for a current star, depending on pulling power.

I was shocked and felt it would be dishonest to have someone promote my program who had not benefited from it. It was obvious to all I was never going to make it big in that game!!

Expensive protein drinks as meal replacements. Firstly they should not be expensive; these amino acids are not expensive additives. They are mostly soy or whey protein.

Secondly, I do see an important role for these drinks, as a means of preventing muscle loss, during weight loss. But remember if you rely on these for more than one meal per day, what will happen when you stop taking them?

A good routine is a shake for breakfast, a light healthy lunch, a shake in the afternoon, to keep your energy up and prevent the late afternoon low blood sugar, eating blitz, and another light healthy meal for dinner. You can replace a shake with a protein bar if you are out and about.

The best time for a protein bar is when you are tempted to buy a chocolate or some cake with coffee. When traveling I find it best to have the bar before I arrive at the gas station, so that I’m not hungry, and therefore won’t buy junk food.

My last beef is a sugar diet food. Bottom line is, it doesn’t work, it has been shown to cause food cravings, and above all else, it is toxic to your health. Sugar alternatives have historically proven to be a health hazard. This does not include natural plant-derived sweeteners.

After all that I feel like the grim reaper of weight loss!

OK, so enough of the negative stuff! So what does work? Firstly detox your liver and digestion. This is important stuff. Next, you have to exercise, it may not be what you want to hear, but it is essential. You must eat fewer carbohydrates, and increase protein, with reduced fat. Not rocket science but it’s true.

Certain supplements are important, such as a good quality multi, to ensure good nutrition, a quality omega 3 fish oil supplement, and then some of the metabolism boosters, which may include:

Ginger, green coffee bean, green tea, L Carotene, Conjugated Linoleic acid, which comes from coconut oil, which by the way is important for weight loss.

Most important is the right mental attitude.

Have fun don’t stress over your weight, but do take as many positive actions as possible.

Source by Ian Newton

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