Reverse Engineering Sumo Wrestling to Lose Weight

SUMO WRESTLING DIET – A lot of people have already heard of this sport and the place that it originated. If you’re familiar with this, you already know that participants in this sport purposely gain weight to their advantage. The traditional wrestling that originated from the land of the rising sun, Sumo Wrestling. In this sport, bigger and heavier is the key to victory.

The following are some basic diet discipline for Sumo wrestlers:

* No breakfast – After a night of rest, the body needs foods for proper metabolism, but Sumo wrestlers intentionally skip breakfast.
* Train with an empty stomach – The human body tends to lower the metabolic thermostat to conserve energy. This is most commonly called “Starvation mode”, we will tackle this later, I just want you to get the whole scope of the process.
* Going to sleep after a meal – The biggest secret of Sumo wrestlers to gain weight in the least amount of time is to sleep right after a heavy meal.
* Gorge – Gorging a large meal two to three times a day.
* Repetitive diet – Same variety of foods with emphasis to fats and proteins.
* Taking a meal right before resting – Sleeping with a full stomach load equates to a huge surge of carbohydrate and insulin which the body tends to convert into fat instead of helping build muscles.

Tend to eat together with someone. People tend to eat more than their usual meal while eating with others according to recent studies. Take note that more people means more mouths to feed. Now if you have friends that eat unhealthy diets be sure to stay focus on your goal. They will surely do more harm to you than good.

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