The Diabetes Weight Loss Diet – The Latest Offering From Antony Worrall Thompson

Ever since I read that Antony was bringing this book out I’ve been eagerly awaiting it’s publication.

As my daughter, who’s 19 and diabetic, is struggling to create a healthy diet from fresh ingredients, we’re always on the lookout for new ideas and recipes.

We popped into the bookshop today and just happened to see it with all the other new cookery books.

After some discussion, we decided to fork out the £9.99 (£3 off the cover price) as the pictures and recipes in there looked much like the sorts of foods that my daughter, a student, has been creating herself – but, of course, Antony has even more imagination and expertise in the field of cooking!

To be honest, we were fed up with the dull and lacklustre offerings that are supposed to inspire us to eat healthily and the photos in this book did look enticing.

The book’s been created in association with Diabetes UK and co-written with Azmina Govindji & Jane Suthering.

I love the great recipes that they’ve created – and although they’re designed to help Type 2 diabetics with weight loss, they’ll also be great for anyone with type 1 (or juvenile) diabetes who’s trying to get better control of their sugar levels.

As Antony’s already written a best selling book on the GI Diet (sold nearly half a million copies, so can’t be bad) he’s already familiar with creating that kind of food that’s both tasty, healthy and nutritious.

There’s a good long introduction about the types of foods you should eat and avoid and why. Then Antony launches into the recipes themselves, including some wonderful ideas for creating snacks and desserts. He also makes an effort to include fruit and veg as much as possible, to ensure your five-a-day.

If you’ve sifted through regular recipe books, you’ll know how difficult it can be to find recipes that are suitable, particularly for breakfast and dessert. Antony goes out of his way to make sure that most of the recipes can be created with ingredients that are easily available at most major supermarkets, a real plus as far as I’m concerned.

My favourite recipes so far are:-

Breakfast:- Tropical fruit tabbouleh & Spiced Grilled Tomato & Bacon toasts

Snacks:- Mini seed snacks, prune, hazelnut salami & Apricot beaker loaf.

Portable food:- Chunky potato soup, panzanella salad, smoked trout kedgeree and mini low gi bread and tomato pizza

Main Meals:- quick vegetable stir fry, white bean and lamb stew, herby mackerel and baked sardines with tomato

Desserts:- papaya and lime sorbet, strawberry tart, pears in nightshirts and roasted peaches with blueberries.

There is not a recipe that does not look appetizing, healthy and filling – we’re busy planning the next weeks worth of recipes from it to actually find out just how great these all of these taste!

Whilst some may think that Antony wrote this as a spin-off from his successful GI diet books, in fact he’s used his experience to create relevant and exciting foods for diabetics.

If you’re looking for interesting recipes to create from fresh and easily available ingredients, check out a copy next time you’re at the bookstore.

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