Slim Down With a 1500 Calorie Diet Menu and Meal Plan

Having a healthy body should be the priority in today’s world where many of them are trying to catch up with a slim or size zero trends. Having a healthy body helps you have a fresh and stress free mind and soul. These days there is a lot of workload wherever we go so we need a strong and healthy body to cope up with strenuous physical and mental exercises. It does not mean that you over eat and input large amount of calories. One needs to have a balanced diet for a fit and fine body. For a 1500 calorie diet a specific meal is designed for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner on a daily basis. These are many sample menus designed for a 1500 calorie diet.

One can go for a substitute with the same calorific value. For day one the specified breakfast includes low fat double egg cheese omelet which gives 320 calories, one large slice melon which provides 47 calories and 2 slices of toast with a thin layer of butter which gives about 200 calories. For lunch the suggested meal is a spicy salad made with turkey which gives 304 calories.

For day one must consume a honey nut bar which is a health bar of 180 calories or Muesli which provides the same amount of calories for snacks. The menu for dinner includes baked potato with cottage cheese or baked beans as per choice which adds another 350 calories on an average. Large quantities of vegetables and fruits in the form of salad must be consumed which adds another 100 calories. The total calories for the course for day one come to 1501 calories.

The breakfast for day two courses begins with skimmed milk worth 350 calories and unsweetened fruit juice which gives 60 calories. Instead of lunch one must replace it with a snack which includes a banana worth 107 calories and another snack of 120 calories which can be Strawberry Yogurt. The dinner should be consumed a bit early. The best choice would be a Chow Mein with Beef as the main ingredient which adds an additional 850 calories. Later in the night have a Kiwi fruit which provides 30 calories and brings the total calorie consumption to 1517 calories.

For day 3 begin breakfast with two sausages worth 250 calories, 100 grams of baked beans which adds 90 calories, two slices of bread with a thin layer of butter which gives additional 200 cals. Make sure to have a fruit or its juice to provide yourself with more 60 calories. For lunch have a 24 grams, 330 calories fish pie which is frozen. Consume mixed vegetables so as to prevent yourself from any vitamin deficiency. Yogurt is low fat and provides a 95 cal meal and can be eaten during snack time. Also add a piece of fruit to the diet worth 60 calories. For day three Chinese noodles for 350 calories can be added to menu which brings the entire calorie count to 1535 calories.

It is necessary to follow a strict menu plan and have proper intake of calories to maintain a good physique and if you plan to lose body weight. For that having good and healthy food with optimum calorific value is necessary. You do not have to go for a strict regime and punish your body. Have your food according to a planned diet which is balanced and achieve your ideal weight with a flexible body.

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