Some Notices for the Diets in Autumn

The hot summer is over, so people have realized that it is the time to nourish their body. However, if they don’t know the correct way, or do something improper before or after the meal, then the nutrition will not be completely absorbed by the body, or even may lead to many kinds of diseases. Then, what we should pay attention to for the diets in autumn, so that to avoid the harms to the body? Following are some suggestions.

First, chew the food carefully and swallow slowly.

If you eat too fast and do not chew the food thoroughly, it will lead to the inadequate secretion of digestive juice, and may lead to indigestion.

Second, eat the meal regularly with a fixed amount.

Some people have an irregular work and rest routine. Sometimes, they will ignore a meal; while sometimes they tend to eat too much. Such a habit is very bad to human health, as it will increase the burden on the intestines and stomach. As a result, we should form the habit of eating regularly with a fixed amount.

Third, do not eat anything before you go to bed.

Eating before bedtime not only will increase the burden on the stomach, but also can aggravate some diseases. As a result, you should try not to eat anything three hours before you go to bed.

Fourth, properly have a rest after the meal.

It is improper to work or take strenuous exercise immediately after the meal, and you should also not immediately lie down. Instead, you should have some rest, such as taking a walk.

Fifth, try not to smoke or drink alcohol.

The alcoholic beverages would reduce the resistant ability of the gastric mucosa, and lead to gastritis; while smoking will stimulate the secretion of gastric acid, and even affect the healing of ulcer.

Sixth, have adequate sleep.

Adequate sleep can help relieve the stress, alleviate the emotion, and lower the recurrence of the gastrointestinal disease.

Seventh, maintain a happy mood.

Stress and anxiety will lead to excessive secretion of gastric acid, which is one of the main reasons for the weakness of the gastric mucosal prevention mechanism. When you have meals, you should relax and concentrate on eating, and avoid having a meeting or reading while eating.

In addition, you should also pay attention to take in more foods like grains and cereals, milk, eggs, fish, lean meat, fresh fruits and vegetables, which contains various kinds of vitamins and minerals such as calcium, iron and so on.

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