Food Testing Lab for Nutritional Value Testing in Chennai

Food is the most important thing for living beings to live. Since food is made up of nutrients, it provides all the essential nutrients to our body. In our busy schedules, we often eat at our convenience, rather than what is healthy. The intake of nutrients regularly is very important for a person. If not, it may lead to nutrition risk factors like Hypertension, Illness, Obesity, Stroke, Type 2 diabetes, and Nutritional anemias.

Proper and balanced nutrition provides essential support for a healthy body. Food Nutrition Testing is a must since nutrition levels are needed for the human body to perform its daily activities. SFTS is one of the most famous Nutrition Testing Labs in Chennai to test the nutritional value of your food. SFTS conducts food testing for all nutritional parameters and is accredited by NABL.

We produce the most appropriate nutrition facts label for your food products. All food nutrition analysis at our laboratory is performed by professional food scientists who have years of experience in the food industry.

We provide Chemical, Biological, and Mechanical Testing methods to ensure accurate results for our food manufacturers and consumers. We offer the best Chemical Testing of Food Products in Chennai with national as well as international standard test methods.

The tests at our laboratory are handled on products such as Food and Agricultural Products, Water, Spices, Marine Culture Food products, Cosmetics, essential oils, Industrial and Fine Chemicals, Soap Detergent, and Toiletries and also Packaging Materials. Considering customer satisfaction, all these samples will be collected by our staff members at your doorstep.

We perform a wide range of test methods to describe the nutritional aspects of food products. SFTS provides accurate test results for the consumers since they are more aware of the health benefits of nutritional food and consumers today are demanding more information about their food products.

Ours is the best Food Nutrition Testing Laboratory with modern laboratory equipment and experienced staff. We make use of advanced techniques in testing and also offer Nutritional Testing Services at reasonable market prices. We try our level best to help in protecting the safety and quality of your food products.

SFTS is the only Water Testing Lab in Chennai that has been incorporated to provide testing services for the products like Food and Agricultural Products, Spices, Fruits and Vegetables, Milk, Marine Culture Food Products, Animal Food, and Feeds, etc.

Send us your food sample today! We analyze your food sample and give you 100% accurate results.

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