THE SCIENCE OF SELF-CONTROL: 53 Tips to stick to your diet, be more productive and excel in life

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Have you ever intended to get some work done but ended up on Instagram?
Have you ever intended to stick to your diet but ended up microwaving a pizza?
Have you ever intended to get to bed early but ended up seeing your laptop clock hit 02:00 AM?
Then I have good news and bad news.
The bad news is you lack self-control.
The good news is you’re human.
My goal is to make you superhuman.

In this book you’ll learn how to take control of your body and mind by drawing on cognitive neurosciences and behavioral psychology. I’ve distilled the knowledge of 542 scientific references into 53 practical tips to improve your willpower. In 6 chapters I cover the essentials of how the human mind works, what willpower is, how to be more productive, how to stick to your diet, how to make your workouts less effortful and how to motivate yourself.

After reading this book, you should experience higher work productivity, better diet adherence and ultimately more success in life.

Publisher‏:‎Independently published (July 11, 2021)
Paperback‏:‎382 pages
Item Weight‏:‎1.25 pounds
Dimensions‏:‎6 x 0.87 x 9 inches

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