Tour the Isle of Wight in Style

You can tour the island in style during your Isle of Wight holidays. All the dazzling beaches, fantastic adventure parks, museums, and historic places are easily accessible if you are staying at one of the spacious Isle of Wight cottages. Sightseeing is one activity you should do with a camera so that you can capture some pictures of all the breathtaking places that you visit.

By making use of your transportation you can visit places at your own pace. There are several modes of transportation in the Isle of Wight but here are more practical and comfortable modes of transport. Here are some suggestions you can use during your Isle of Wight holidays.


If you are staying in the Isle of Wight cottages, you can use a bicycle to visit amazing places during your vacation. The bicycle will also allow you to exercise and stay healthy while you explore the beautiful countryside. The county has many countryside roads which you can use to cycle around the island. It would be a perfect means of transport if you want the fresh, rejuvenating air on your face and with the briny sea breeze when you pass by the coastline.

The Isle of Wight cottages provide excellent services for your comfortable stay. During your cycling trip, you can stop and admire the scenic surroundings around you and capture pictures. This mode of transportation is inexpensive. You can tour the island during your Isle of Wight holidays just by using your bicycle. You might want to stop at one of the restaurants or cafes to pick up something to drink.


A personal car or rented car can help you go around the county during your Isle of Wight holidays. The advantage of this is that you can go to any corner of the island without worrying about being without transport. Just in case you did not bring your car, you can hire a car from one of the car rental agencies near the Isle of Wight cottages.

Driving around in a car will enable you to fully explore and enjoy your Isle of Wight holidays and visit every place on the island. Driving around yourself will give you the benefit of taking in the beauty of the place at your own pace. You can visit all the popular tourist attractions on the island before returning to the comfortable Isle of Wight cottages.

Source by Mary Ruthrina Ofalla

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