11 Workout Tips For Overweight Beginners

If it has been a while since your last workout (or you are a total beginner) and you are a bit overweight, you can’t just jump into the gym routine just like that. Doing so can seriously hinder your progress and you can also injure yourself.

To make sure that your gym workouts are safe and effective, you must have smart and effective workout tips. Here are 11 of them:

1 Consult with your doctor first

Always consult with your doctor first before undertaking any new exercise or diet.

2. Start slow

Don’t take things too heavily in the first too weeks. Start with doing some light exercises like walking and very light resistance exercises.

3. Set goals

The first thing you have to do is to set some goals. They can be the amount of times you want to exercise, your target weight or the weight loads you want to lift. Just remember to be realistic when setting goals and don’t set goals you know is very unlikely to achieve.

4. Have solid motivation in place

Keep a picture of the reason behind your weight loss nearby or make a reasons collage and look at it every day to motivate yourself.

5. Get in as much free exercise as you can

Free exercise would include walking your dog, taking the stairs and doing your own home work like moving the lawn. All of them will help you to burn extra calories.

6. Do light weight training

Your weight training should be light in the first two weeks to make your muscles used to weight training. So don’t lift anything too heavy -rather keep it light in the beginning.

7. Do light cardio

Do only light cardio in the first two weeks and make sure that it is cardio that you would enjoy. Good examples are walking, jogging, and using cardio machines lightly.

8. Consider the help of supplements

Supplements may help you with your workouts. But just make sure that you read the risks first and that you take the necessary precautions before hand like consulting with your doctor before taking the supplement.

9. Track your progress

Tracking your progress will act as a great motivator and it will give a purpose to your workouts. So make sure to write down the exercise you did, the speeds, levels and weight loads to help you keep track.

10. Have healthy rewards in place

If you have positive, healthy rewards in place when you reach your goals, you will be much more motivated to go to gym.

11. Remember to stretch after a workout

Stretch all the worked muscles after a workout to avoid unnecessary stiffness and injuries.

The above tips will ensure that you have a safer and more effective workout journey. And it may even cause you to enjoy your workouts even more. Just stay committed to your goals, keep motivated and never give up. That way you will soon be reaching your goals and you will be feeling great.

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Source by Suzie Parker

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