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Home Mole Removal – How Does it Work?

If you want to remove one or more moles at home, instead of opting for surgery or laser treatment, several products on the market will allow you to do so. Most of them are herbal formulas, although some have acidic compounds as well.

Before you start treating the mole, make sure you read the instructions that came with the product and follow them carefully. For instance, you should not use a home mole removal formula close to your eyes.

In general, the procedure goes like this:

First, you would scratch the skin of the mole, either with a needle or with a pumice stone. As most people do not particularly like needles, a pumice stone is probably the best way to go. Scratching the skin is necessary to allow the formula to penetrate the skin of the mole.

Second, you would apply the formula to the mole. This will kill the mole cells, and form a scab where the mole used to be.

You have to take care of the scab and not be tempted to remove it. The scab is formed by your body to protect the new skin that is forming underneath. If you remove the scab before it comes off naturally, you may risk getting scarred.

Once the scab comes off, you will have to take care of the new skin. Make sure to not expose it to direct sunlight, and apply a protective balm or lotion.

Usually, scarring is minimal with home mole removal, so this is a great way to get rid of a mole without too much hassle.

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