24 Wonderful Vegan Mother’s Day Recipes to Treat Her

Make these impressive and super tasty Vegan Mother’s Day Recipes this May to celebrate and treat the most special lady: your Mom. 🙂

Vegan Mother’s Day Recipes

Make these amazing Vegan Mother's Day Recipes this May to celebrate and treat the most special lady: your Mom. :-) A list of fancy brunch, lunch and sweet treat recipes that will impress. | The Green Loot #vegan #veganrecipes


1. Buffalo Chickpea Salad Pinwheels

Buffalo Chickpea Salad Pinwheels
Photo: This Savory Vegan

These vegan buffalo chickpea salad pinwheels roll up to look like little flowers once they’re plated up. A perfect Mother’s Day appetizer or brunch offering that is both plant-based and elegant.

2. Strawberry Love Muffins

Strawberry Love Muffins
Photo: Go Dairy-Free

Hearts can be a little gimmicky, but these strawberry love muffins are really adorable. These whip up quickly and the recipe allows for frozen strawberries if the fresh ones aren’t quite ready. They can be made with your choice of dairy-free milk so if almond isn’t for you, you can use what suits you.

3. Club Sandwich

Club Sandwich
Photo: Zucker & Jadgwurst

A classic club sandwich is something that’s out of reach for vegans — until now. This triple-decker sandwich is crispy where it needs to be and savory all over. And seriously, “Eggplant Bacon” might be my new favorite phrase.

4. Lemon Poppy Seed Scones

Lemon Poppy Seed Scones
Photo: The Roasted Root

These lemon poppy seed scones are so pretty and so delicious, I don’t think I can wait until Mother’s Day to make the recipe again. What’s even better? You can use this recipe as a base and substitute in your favorite flavor combinations. Brunch just got real interesting!

5. Spinach and Artichoke Quiche

Spinach and Artichoke Quiche
Photo: V Nutrition and Wellness

Nothing says brunch like an excellent quiche…unless you’re vegan. Using blended tofu makes this tortilla-crusted quiche bake up creamy, light, and incredibly flavorful. And artichokes are the perfect spring star ingredient. Plus, a 10-minute prep means you have more time to sip mimosas on the patio which is a win-win in my book.

6. Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Photo: Confessions of a Fit Foodie

Chocolate-covered strawberries are sweet and special for a Mother’s Day brunch or luncheon. With an Instant Pot hack for tempering the chocolate, these are quick and easy to whip up too. Use your favorite vegan chocolate chips or whip some dipping sauce up using cocoa powder and coconut oil.

7. Avocado Kale Florentine with Smoked Paprika Hollandaise

Avocado Kale Florentine with Smoked Paprika Hollandaise
Photo: Spabettie

Bennies for days! Double up on the hollandaise recipe because you will absolutely want to put it on everything. It’s tangy and garlicky and so creamy your family won’t believe it’s vegan. Served up with pecan-crusted avocado, and you’ve just dialed up this Benedict to celestial levels of amazingness.


8. Creamy Spicy Sun Dried Tomato Pasta

Creamy Spicy Sun Dried Tomato Pasta
Photo: Amy Le Creations

Transforming basic pantry staples into incredible dishes is my favorite thing. This pasta is creamy and fresh with enough kick to make it make your mouth water. Pro tip: reserve the oil from the jarred sun-dried tomatoes for an easy dressing for greens — or drizzle on top of the pasta for a gourmet touch.

9. Mushroom Risotto with Pumpkin (Instant Pot)

Mushroom Risotto with Pumpkin (Instant Pot)
Photo: Recipes from a Pantry

There’s nothing quite as fancy as a plate of risotto. It takes forever to make to layer the flavor profile and build the creamy mess of carby goodness. I totally won’t tell anyone you didn’t slave over the stove all morning and instead made this in the Instant Pot. (!) The secret ingredient of pumpkin puree gives this a depth of flavor that makes this a restaurant-quality meal.

10. Broccoli Cheese Soup in Bread

Broccoli Cheese Soup in Bread
Photo: Eat Plant-Based

Anything served in a bread bowl is decadent, so what better way to treat Mom than a luscious broccoli soup in a bread bowl? This soup starts out with a vegan cheese sauce recipe you will want to bookmark for later. It’s that good.

11. Spring Niçoise Salad

Spring Niçoise Salad
Photo: Yummy Mummy Kitchen

A Salade Nicoise is always elegant and special, but making an arranged platter for Mother’s Day is an incredible way to show Mom you love her. Replete with all the best Spring veggies, this salad is hearty enough to be the star of the show or to pair with another light offering.

12. “Crab” California Rolls

"Crab" California Rolls
Photo: Delightful Delicious Delovely

This vegan-friendly “crab” California roll is so flavorful and yummy I’m fairly certain even my non-vegan friends won’t be able to get enough. The hearts of palm are tangy and salty and balance the sushi rice and nori so well. I don’t even know what I’m missing. (Hint: not one thing!)

Desserts and Sweet Treats

13. Heart-Shaped Churros in Strawberry Sugar

Heart-Shaped Churros in Strawberry Sugar
Photo: Elephantastic Vegan

I’ve never known anyone to turn down a churro. Flaky, doughy, sweet, and crisp, they really are perfect desserts. But this recipe gilds the lily by making them into darling little heart shapes — it’s not as hard as you’d think — and coating them with sparkly pink sanding sugar.

14. Buttercream Cake with Elderflower Syrup

Buttercream Cake with Elderflower Syrup
Photo: Klara’s Life

Elderflower liqueur might be my favorite cocktail ingredient. Add that flavor to cake and you have the lightest, most flavorful, effervescently special dessert on the planet. Note that this recipe calls for cream cheese and butter, but you can substitute with your favorite vegan options. The cake itself is made with soy milk.

15. Strawberry Cheesecake Bites

Strawberry Cheesecake Bites
Photo: The Buddhist Chef

These little cups of love look like a million bucks thanks to the rich strawberry coulis on top. They’re bite-sized — although we’re pretty sure you can’t eat just one — but you could also chill the cashew cheesecake in a springform pan and cut and serve at the table for lots of wows.

16. Rhubarb Curd Bars

Rhubarb Curd Bars
Photo: Fare Isle

The rhubarb is kind of misunderstood. I think you should give them a chance this Mother’s Day. This recipe for a rhubarb curd bar is utterly pink perfection on a plate. So feminine and fabulous. Your mother and aunties will love love love them. Your kids will too thanks to the vegan shortbread crust that is golden and flaky.

17. Baked Strawberry Cheesecake

Baked Strawberry Cheesecake
Photo: Sprouting Zen

We love a no-bake cheesecake, but there’s something special about a laborious water bath. With almonds and dates and coconut, this is a sweet treat that will probably be even better the next day. This oil-free recipe is something you’ll want to save to your collection.

18. Chocolate Hummus Dip

Chocolate Hummus Dip
Photo: Little Sunny Kitchen

Hummus is so expensive when you buy it from the deli or store-bought on the shelves. I’m thinking a dessert board laden with fruit and cookies and salty pretzels will be a beautiful Mother’s Day dessert with this chocolate hummus as the star. It’ll just look like a million bucks.

19. No-Bake Lemon Bars

No-Bake Lemon Bars
Photo: Texanerin

Nothing says ladies who lunch like a lemon bar. I love this no-bake version, obviously, and the fact that these aren’t teeth-achingly sweet. They whip up quickly in the food processor and even freeze well!

20. Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp

Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp
Photo: Confessions of a Fit Foodie

I won’t tell anyone if you make this rhubarb crisp for breakfast. It’s special enough for a sweet end to a Mother’s Day meal, but I can’t help but think this oat-topped pot would make 6 am a lot easier to handle. Plus, it comes together in the Instant Pot. Glorious!

21. Mango and Passion Fruit Cake

Mango and Passion Fruit Cake
Photo: Super Golden Bakes

Wow. That’s all I can say about this Tropical Celebration Cake. It is a feast for the eyes — and the mouth. The mango “rose” on top makes this look like you spent a hundred bucks at a specialty bakery. (You can let your mother-in-law think that if you want.) Vegan mango curd is an unexpected but utterly lovely addition to a tender sponge cake.

Cocktails and Drinks

22. Orange Lemonade

Orange Lemonade
Photo: The Green Loot

One for the kids and adults alike, this orange lemonade is sweet and just a little tart. The mint rounds it out and cools it down. Add a splash of bourbon if you want to make it boozy.

23. Strawberry Moscow Mule

Strawberry Moscow Mule
Photo: The Speckled Palate

You can’t go anywhere in the spring or summer without the Moscow Mule being on the cocktail list. How about making a strawberry mule to celebrate the flavors of spring? Fizzy ginger beer and vodka are a perfect complement to the juicy berries. Muddle them fresh for best results, but I won’t tell if you have to use frozen.

24. Lychee Mint and Elderflower Mocktail

Lychee Mint and Elderflower Cocktail
Photo: Delightful Vegans

Talk about a drink! This elderflower and lychee MOCKTAIL will wow everyone at the table. Refreshing and a lot awesome with the lime zest throughout, you will definitely want a few of these.

More vegan recipes for Spring you’ll love:

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24 Wonderful Vegan Mother’s Day Recipes to Treat Her

Make these Vegan Mother’s Day Recipes this May to celebrate and treat the most special lady: your Mom. A list of fancy brunch, lunch and sweet treats.

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