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31 Healthy Vegan Weight Loss Recipes for Dinner [Easy, Fat Burning]

Vegan weight loss recipes for dinner that are yummy and everything a healthy vegan dinner should be. They are super filling, packed with protein, veggies and healthy fats that help you with your diet.

[If you’re new at this lifestyle, check out my vegan for beginners guide! Super helpful tips, recipes, shopping list and more.]

Healthy Vegan Recipes for Weight Loss

These vegan weight loss dinner recipes will slim you down! They are perfect as a part of a fat loss diet, for lunch or dinner as they are delicious and filling. | The Green Loot #vegan #veganrecipes #weightloss

1. Green Bean Curry

vegan green bean curry
Photo: The Green Loot

It’s easy, it’s light, it’s a dieter’s dream — green bean curry is the answer to those mid-week meal blues. Tofu provides the protein, potatoes are the substance and the green beans are packed with vitamins. Add a lovely curry sauce and you’re there.

2. Mediterranean Quinoa Salad

Mediterranean Quinoa Salad

Something so filling that tastes so fresh! Quinoa is the perfect vehicle for all kinds of freshly chopped veggies in this simple and delicious salad. The oil and vinegar dressing has just enough lemon zing to bring the whole dish together.

3. Crispy Teriyaki Tofu and Broccoli

Crispy Teriyaki Tofu and Broccoli
Photo: Recipe Runner

Say goodbye to soggy tofu! This recipe presses the tofu’s moisture out and welcomes the teriyaki flavor in. Find a sheet pan for roasting the tofu and broccoli, whip up the sauce and voila! An amazing, low-calorie meal.

4. Tuscan White Bean Soup

Tuscan White Bean Soup
Photo: A Simple Palate

Nothing beats curling up with a hot bowl of soup on a cool evening. This is a “clean out the veggie drawer” recipe that is so wholesome and tasty, you won’t even realize how good it is for you.

5. Avocado Chickpea Salad Collard Wraps

Avocado Chickpea Salad Collard Wraps
Photo: Emilie Eats

It doesn’t get much more diet-friendly than this. Chickpea salad made with creamy avocados with celery and bell pepper for crunch. Take the whole delicious concoction and stuff it into a collard leaf wrap. Guilt-free lunch du jour.

6. Spicy Black Bean Soup

Spicy Black Bean Soup
Photo: The Glowing Fridge

A cutting board full of colorful chopped vegetables is a promise that your recipe is going to be healthy. This spicy black bean soup also tastes amazing because it has a natural balance of salt, acid and a little bit of heat.

7. Lentil Vegetable Soup

Lentil Vegetable Soup
Photo: The Garden Grazer

This is the kind of lentil soup that is completely customizable. Don’t like something in the recipe? Leave it out and put something else in that you love. Don’t have enough carrots? No problem! Add some extra mushrooms. You do you!

8. “Parmesan” Cauliflower Steaks over Hemp Pesto Zoodles

"Parmesan" Cauliflower Steaks over Hemp Pesto Zoodles
Photo: Emilie Eats

Usually anything with noodles is a dieting no-no. Not this time! Try vegan and gluten-free Parmesan Cauliflower Steaks with Hemp Pesto Zoodles. Zucchini lends itself to all of the fork-twisting fun without any of the calories and carbs.

9. Quinoa Superfood Salad

Quinoa Superfood Salad
Photo: Lazy Cat Kitchen

The key to this salad is a balance of diverse ingredients. You’ve got Kalamata olives next to creamy avocados. Baby spinach and cucumbers sharing the stage with mint and basil, all in perfect taste harmony. The world could learn a lesson from this salad.

10. Cauliflower Rice Risotto

Cauliflower Rice Risotto
Photo: Low Carb Yum

Attention all paleo, low-carb, gluten-free vegans who are trying to slim down and eat healthy! This is the meal for you. Cauliflower rice risotto is creamy and flavorful with garlicky mushrooms. Indulgent, yes, but in a good way.

11. Creamy Roasted Cauliflower Soup

Creamy Roasted Cauliflower Soup
Photo: Avocado Pesto

Cauliflower devotees know that roasting this versatile veggie is the way to coax out the most flavor. Add some aromatics and two types of paprika and your creamy cauliflower soup graduates from good to gourmet.

12. Lettuce Wraps (PF Changs)

Lettuce Wraps (PF Changs)
Photo: Foodology Geek

One of the most frustrating things about losing weight is feeling like you’re giving something up. This is one of those recipes that solves that problem. It’s got all of the Asian flavor, the crunch, the restaurant-style appeal without being high in calories and fat.

13. Black Pepper Tofu

Black Pepper Tofu
Photo: Cilantro and Citronella

Attention all tofu skeptics! One taste of this dish and you will fall to your knees and atone. I challenge anyone not fall in love with this Asian-inspired tofu, eggplant and mushroom flavor bomb. Serve it over rice and you’ll be a convert.

14. Roasted Cauliflower Salad

Roasted Cauliflower Salad
Photo: Budget Bytes

Lemon-tahini dressing makes everything better, so when you add it to roasted cauliflower, red onions and chickpeas, you really have something special. For lunch or for a light dinner, this is non-guilt inducing food at its best.

15. Mushroom Barley Soup

Mushroom Barley Soup
Photo: Salt and Lavender

Some people think vegan food can’t be hearty. I challenge them to eat a bowl of this barley and mushroom soup. Chock full of onions, carrots, celery and spoonful after spoonful of mushrooms and barley — it’ll stick to your ribs and them some.

16. Zucchini Pasta Alfredo

Zucchini Pasta Alfredo
Photo: V Nutrition and Wellness

If you told someone you were enjoying a meal of Pasta Alfredo, they’d think that you blew your diet up into a million pieces. What they wouldn’t guess is that you mean Vegan Zucchini Pasta Alfredo, a guiltless and modern interpretation of a classic dish.

17. Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

Quinoa Stuffed Peppers
Photo: Vegan Huggs

Add some spice to your weeknight menu and give these quinoa stuffed peppers a try. They are colorful, delicious and surprisingly hearty for such a waistline-friendly meal. Pro tip—save the leftover stuffing! It makes a great breakfast side.

18. Cauliflower Salad with Cashew Lime Pesto

Cauliflower Salad with Cashew Lime Pesto
Photo: Trinity’s Kitchen

How fun is it to go to a potluck that has a variety of fresh and innovative salads? This cauliflower salad would be a welcome addition to just such an event — it’s so unique and really yummy.

19. White Bean and Kale Soup

White Bean and Kale Soup
Photo: Cilantro and Citronella

The problem with soups is that they usually have to simmer for hours before they develop those deep flavors. Not this white bean and kale soup. It comes together in 20 minutes but tastes like it took all day to make.

20. Chickpea Curry

Chickpea Curry
Photo: Hurry The Food Up

Attention dieters! Pick up a couple extra cans of chickpeas at the grocery store. They’re the perfect vehicle for a decadent curry and are packed with nutrients and enough fiber to leave you feeling completely satisfied.

21. Chickpea Stirfry Bowl

Chickpea Stirfry Bowl
Photo: Build Your Bite

The key to this recipe is the roasted chickpeas — their crunchy texture next to the succulent veggies makes this bowl eat like a restaurant meal. Know what else is amazing? It comes together with ingredients you probably already have in your pantry.

22. Cabbage Soup with Rice

Cabbage Soup with Rice
Photo: Diet Hood

We’re talking low-calorie, super satisfying and crazy good. That’s a total package of a meal! Make this cabbage soup when you’re ready to start taking your health and wellness as seriously as you should — your body will thank you.

23. Butter Cauliflower “Chicken”

Butter Cauliflower "Chicken"
Photo: Little Sunny Kitchen

Slimming down doesn’t mean giving up those take-out food favorites. Indian-inspired Butter Cauliflower packs all of the flavor of the restaurant dish into a veganized and slimmed version that is part of a healthier way to eat.

24. Paella with Artichokes and Smoked Tofu

Paella with Artichokes and Smoked Tofu
Photo: Vegan Heaven

Travel to the coast of Spain without leaving your kitchen. This version of paella, their national dish, is lighter and healthier than the real thing, using artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes and smoked tofu.

25. Spiced Carrot and Chickpea Salad

Spiced Carrot and Chickpea Salad
Photo: Lazy Cat Kitchen

The warmth of the maple-carrots combined with the cumin roasted chickpeas are a match made in vegan heaven. Add the pomegranate pop of color and flavor, the mint leaves and chili flakes and you have a symphony of savory you won’t soon forget.

26. Baked Tofu Stir Fry with Pineapple

Baked Tofu Stir Fry with Pineapple
Photo: Veggie Inspired

Y’all, what can’t you do with tofu? In this recipe, it’s baked and comes out crispy and yet will totally soak up that sticky, sweet and sour pineapple sauce. Add in the freshness of the snow peas, carrots and ginger and you’re there, Baby!

27. Loaded Sweet Potatoes

Loaded Sweet Potatoes
Photo: Rescue Dog Kitchen

It’s fall and in preparation for the holidays, who doesn’t want to shed a little weight? Make it easy on yourself with these loaded sweet potatoes! All of the autumn flavors of wild rice, cranberries, mushrooms and pumpkin seeds stuffed inside a sweet potato.

28. Thai Coconut Vegetable Curry

Thai Coconut Vegetable Curry
Photo: The Kitchen Girl

Simmer just about any vegetable in a Thai coconut curry sauce and you automatically have a winner. This recipe takes only 30 minutes and uses everyday supermarket veggies. It’s perfect for the Instant Pot or on top of the stove.

29. Enchilada Tofu Burrito Bowls

Enchilada Tofu Burrito Bowls
Photo: Build Your Bite

Why bother with delivery when you can create an enchilada bowl right in your own kitchen? The secret is oven-baked tofu tossed in an enchilada sauce. Serve on rice next to some homemade guacamole and salsa and you are good to go.

30. Super Food Detox Salad

Super Food Detox Salad
Photo: Well Plated

Sometimes you just need to do right by your body. Especially after all of those late nights, ridiculous meals and grown up beverages. All can be forgiven and forgotten as soon as you polish off this detox salad.

31. Sriracha Baked Tofu Brown Rice Bowls

Sriracha Baked Tofu Brown Rice Bowls
Photo: Running On Real Food

Bowls are such a popular way to eat now. They’re genius, really, because all you have to do is throw everything together and make it healthy, pretty and tasty. A winner of a dinner and a tasty one at that.

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What are *your* favorite Vegan Weight Loss Recipes for dinner!

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29 Yummy Vegan Weight Loss Recipes for Dinner [Healthy, Fat Burning]

Vegan Weight Loss Recipes for dinner that are low-carb, delicious and plant-based. Slim down with a detox, plant-based, dairy-free fat loss diet!

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