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55+ Vegan Easter Recipes the Whole Family Will LOVE

These vegan Easter recipes make the best festive Spring meals. Easy brunch, dinner, dessert and side dishes that will impress everyone.

Vegan Easter Recipes

These colorful Vegan Easter Recipes are the perfect, fresh Spring meals that your whole family will love. Dairy-free and egg-free. | The Green Loot #vegan #veganrecipes #Easter


1. Carrot Lox

Vegan Carrot Lox
Photo: The Colorful Kitchen

Now that you’re a vegan, did you think your days of enjoying lox and cream cheese on a bagel were over? Wrong! Introducing carrot lox! Pile them high on a toasted bagel and add vegan cream cheese, red onion, dill, capers — the works. To die for!

2. Rhubarb Banana Muffin

Rhubarb Banana Muffin
Photo: Occasionally Eggs

3. Spinach Artichoke Cups

Spinach Artichoke Cups
Photo: Vegan Huggs

4. Easter Plait with Marzipan

Easter Plait with Marzipan
Photo: Romy London

5. Easter Bunny Soft Pretzels

Vegan Easter Bunny Soft Pretzels
Photo: Fork and Beans

Want an Easter treat that everyone can enjoy? You’ve got to try these gluten-free bunny shaped pretzels! They are adorable, pick up-able and completely addictive. They’ll make a perfect appetizer or just a fun holiday snack to have around for the kids.

6. Deviled Potatoes

Vegan Deviled Potatoes
Photo: Delish Knowledge

Sure, everyone has heard of deviled eggs but why not apply that same concept and make deviled potatoes? Frankly, I’ll be shocked if this isn’t the next big culinary thing! Roasted little potatoes, cooled, hollowed out and filled with vegan yumminess. They’ll be the hit of any gathering.

7. Lemon Elderflower Cupcakes

Lemon Elderflower Cupcakes
Photo: Little Sugar Snaps

8. Smoked ‘Salmon’ Blinis

Let’s talk elegance. If you’re looking for a light vegan appetizer for Easter, you won’t do much better than Blini with Avocado Hummus. They are light little pancakes topped with creamy avocado hummus — livened up with a slight lemon zing. So good and very impressive as well.

9. Cobb Salad

Cobb Salad
Photo: Simple Veganista

10. Italian Easter Bread

Italian Easter Bread
Photo: The Banana Diaries

11. Lilac Lemon Cake

Lilac Lemon Cake
Photo: Rainbow Plant Life

12. Spring Pea Dip

Vegan Spring Pea Dip
Photo: The Organic Dietitian

Here’s an appetizer I bet you haven’t tried — spring pea dip with ginger, almonds, cilantro and a little bit of lime juice. Trust me when I tell you that these flavors make absolute magic together. Be prepared — everyone will demand the recipe.

Main & Side Dishes

13. Sweet & Smoky Tofu Ham

Vegan Sweet & Smoky Tofu Ham
Photo: Isa Chandra

Who needs an Easter ham when you can have Sweet and Smokey Glazed Tofu Ham? Seriously, people like ham because of the gooey marinades, so just take the flavors of orange and maple and transform some tofu. The results are heavenly good and no little piggies need be involved.

14. Maple Glazed Easter Roast

Vegan Maple Glazed Easter Roast
Photo: Meet The Shannons

To many, an Easter meal would feel incomplete without a lavishly prepared roast at the center of the table. I present a Maple Glazed Easter Roast. This impressive looking fellow is a vegan Tofurky roast jazzed up a holiday glaze made with maple, mustard, cloves, brown sugar and apple juice.

15. Seitan Roast

Seitan Roast
Photo: My Quiet Kitchen

16. Creamy Pasta Primavera

Creamy Pasta Primavera
Photo: Ambitious Kitchen

17. Carrot and Apple Latkes with Onion

Vegan Carrot and Apple Latkes with Onion
Photo: The Veg Life

Carrots and Easter go perfectly together. That’s why Carrot and Apple Latkes will make an ideal side dish for your Easter table. Shredded carrots, onions and apples are mixed with spices and formed into golden patties with just the right amount of crispy finish. Yum!

18. Artichoke Crab Cakes with Horseradish Sauce

Vegan Artichoke Crab Cakes with Horseradish Sauce
Photo: Hot For Food Blog

Vegan Artichoke “Crab” Cakes? How can that be? One taste of this crunchy, flavorful cake and you’ll realize how legit these things are without even a hint of crab inside them. Add the horseradish sauce and you’ll have an appetizer or light meal worth writing home about.

19. Herbed Potatoes on Whipped Feta

Herbed Potatoes on Whipped Feta
Photo: This Savory Vegan

20. Creamy Mushroom and Orzo

Creamy Mushroom and Orzo
Photo: The Yummy Vegan

21. Leek Asparagus Tempeh Bacon Quiche

Easter is all about springtime and springtime is all about quiche! This quiche uses tofu as its egg-replacement base. It has a light and fluffy texture and is a celebration of asparagus and vegan bacon. Enjoy as a lovely breakfast, light lunch or even as a snack!

22. Pea and Asparagus Soup

Vegan Pea and Asparagus Soup
Photo: Delish Knowledge

Everyone needs an elegant, light soup in their arsenal. This one is perfect for Easter or any springtime meal. Asparagus and peas don’t just match color-wise, their flavors are lovely together. This soup only takes 30 minutes and is vegan and gluten-free.

23. Feta Pasta

Feta Pasta
Photo: The Edgy Veg

24. Lemon Pepper Tofu

Lemon Pepper Tofu
Photo: Jessica In The Kitchen

25. Smoky BBQ Carrots with Creamy Chickpea Salad

Vegan Smoky BBQ Carrots with Creamy Chickpea Salad
Photo: Vegan Sandra

While everyone else is grilling hotdogs, why not show them a vegan in action. Skewer a parboiled and spiced carrot and grill it to perfection. Then tuck it into a yeast roll and top with fresh chickpea salad. Watch them all drool.

26. Herby Potato Salad with Asparagus and Radish

Vegan Herby Potato Salad with Asparagus and Radish
Photo: Pumpkin and Peanut Butter

This is not your momma’s potato salad, folks. It’s a reimagined herby vinaigrette potato salad full of textures, colors and zing. The potatoes are tender but the asparagus is crisp and the radish rounds are nice and peppery. It’s a salad you’ll make again and again.

27. Hot Cross Buns

Hot Cross Buns
Photo: Domestic Gothess

28. Carrot Ribbon Stir Fry

Carrot Ribbon Stir Fry
Photo: The Green Loot

If more people stir-fried carrots in ribbons, I suspect cooked carrots would be way more popular. Prepared that way, they don’t have a chance to get mushy and overcooked. Add a little red onion, salt and pepper and you have a side dish people will remember.

29. Mushroom Asparagus Risotto

Mushroom Asparagus Risotto
Photo: Lavender and Macarons

30. Springtime Pasta Salad

Vegan Springtime Pasta Salad
Photo: The Fed Up Foodie

Nothing says springtime like a pasta salad loaded with spring veggies. Add whatever you like including, cucumber, asparagus, tomatoes and sweet bell peppers. Then tie everything together with the dill and garlic vinaigrette. It makes a nice light lunch or can be enjoyed as a side dish.

31. Herb-Roasted Carrots

Vegan Herb-Roasted Carrots
Photo: Averie Cooks

This side dish has everything. It’s beautiful — chunks of tri-color carrots caramelized to perfection. It’s easy — toss carrots in herbs and bake for 30 minutes. It’s delicious — there isn’t one person at the Easter table who won’t ask for a second helping.

32. Mediterranean Hummus Tart

Vegan Mediterranean Hummus Tart
Photo: Wallflower Kitchen

If you tell them that you’re bringing a Mediterranean Hummus Tart to the party, everyone will be impressed. When they see what you’ve made, they’ll be blown away! They’ll never even guess how easy it was. Puff pastry topped with hummus and assorted veggies. That’s it!

33. Roasted Asparagus with Cream Sauce

Vegan Roasted Asparagus with Cream Sauce
Photo: Karissa’s Vegan Kitchen

Ah, asparagus is a springtime must. In this recipe, it is simply roasted and served with a non-dairy garlicky cream sauce with just a touch of heat. Drizzle that sauce on your roasted asparagus which will highlight the veggie’s natural, grassy goodness.

34. Carrot Fries with Curry Dip

Vegan Carrot Fries with Curry Dip
Photo: Eat The Gains

So long, French fries — there’s a new sheriff in town. These carrot fries are super healthy, have just the right amount of spice and can be ready in only 35 minutes. Get ready — dipping them in the curry sauce unlocks a whole other level of deliciousness.

35. Artichoke Tomato Salad

Artichoke Tomato Salad
Photo: Short Girl Tall Order

36. Rosemary Easter Sweet Bread Bun

Vegan Rosemary Easter Sweet Bread Bun
Photo: Cilantro and Citronella

So many Easter traditions involve freshly baked sweet breads. This bread is vegan and walks the line between savory and sweet. With both rosemary and raisins, the flavor is unlike anything else. Enjoy for breakfast, as a snack or even as a dessert.

Desserts & Treats

37. Carrot Cake with “Cream Cheese” Frosting

Vegan Carrot Cake with "Cream Cheese" Frosting
Photo: Gimme Some Oven

No Easter dessert table would be complete without a fragrant and spicy carrot cake. This version is not only vegan but gluten-free as well. It has all of that moist, carrot flavor you crave with the “cream cheese” frosting you love.

38. Simnel Cake

Simnel Cake
Photo: Domestic Gothess

39. Easter Egg Lemon Cupcakes

Vegan Easter Egg Lemon Cupcakes
Photo: Wallflower Kitchen

How cute are these? I imagine myself smiling at the children in their Easter best, helping themselves to these Easter Lemon Cupcakes. Then I see myself wrestling one out of their tiny hands and smashing it into my mouth. Hmm. Maybe I’ll just put a few aside for myself.

40. Rhubarb Yogurt Cake

Rhubarb Yogurt Cake
Photo: Freistyle

41. Coconut Cream Pie

Coconut Cream Pie
Photo: Sarah Bakes G-free

42. Lemon Bars

Lemon Bars
Photo: Namely Marley

43. Italian Easter Rice Pie

Italian Easter Rice Pie
Photo: The Vegan Italian Kitchen

44. Rhubarb Crisp

Rhubarb Crisp
Photo: Bojon Gourmet

45. Limoncello Tiramisu

Limoncello Tiramisu
Photo: Addicted to Dates

46. Chocolate Babka

Chocolate Babka
Photo: Make It Dairy-Free

47. Mini Easter Egg Brownies

Mini Easter Egg Brownies
Photo: Fit Foodie Nutter

48. Strawberry Easter Eggs

Vegan Strawberry Easter Eggs
Photo: Scecco

Why has it taken so long for someone to make chocolate covered strawberries into adorable Easter eggs? They are colorful, fun and festive and when served in a chocolate hazelnut crust with a layer of vegan chocolate ganache, they are fully irresistible.

49. Bunny Cut Out Sugar Cookies

Vegan Bunny Cut Out Sugar Cookies
Photo: The Pretty Bee

This recipe is off-the-charts adorable. Little Easter Bunny sugar cookie cut-outs with fluffy cotton tails? OMG, I mean, who could possibly resist them? These are easy to make and will be an instant hit at any Easter gathering.

50. Coconut Cake

Vegan Coconut Cake
Photo: Namely Marly

Ready for a little slice of heaven? Then you’ve got to make this coconut cake. So fluffy and sweet and decadent! No one will guess that it’s vegan, so when they ask for the recipe and you tell them, you can sit back and savor their stunned disbelief.

51. Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie Nests

Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie Nests
Photo: Joy Food Sunshine

Did someone ask for a healthy Easter treat? Did someone else also ask for that something to be no-bake? They must have been dreaming about these eight-ingredient little chocolate nests. Just add some chocolate eggs or jelly beans and your Easter mission is accomplished.

52. Rhubarb Cheesecake

Vegan Rhubarb Cheesecake
Photo: Cilantro and Citronella

For the uninitiated, rhubarb is one of life’s tart pleasures. Coupled with something sweet, rhubarb creates a flavor combination for the ages. This cheesecake has that epic taste in spades and it is also incredibly beautiful — like, “I can’t believe you made that” beautiful.

53. “Egg Yolk” Peach Custard Tarts

Vegan "Egg Yolk" Peach Custard Tarts
Photo: Nerdy Mamma

There’s nothing like a trick of the eye. At first glance, these tarts appear to be an Easter treat with a bright yellow egg yolk sitting in their center. But no! They’re really peaches, y’all, and they’re couched in sinfully delicious coconut custard atop a flaky tart crust.


54. Cottontail Margarita

Cottontail Margarita
Photo: xoxo Bella

55. Elderflower Cordial

Elderflower Cordial
Photo: The Greedy Vegan

56. Creme Egg Cocktail

Creme Egg Cocktail
Photo: All Plants

57. Rose Lemonade

Rose Lemonade
Photo: Veggie Desserts

58. Rhubarb Moscow Mule

Rhubarb Moscow Mule
Photo: Vikalinka

59. Carrot Margarita

Carrot Margarita
Photo: Sugar and Charm

60. Lavender Gin and Tonic Punch

Lavender Gin and Tonic Punch
Photo: Sugar and Charm

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28 Vegan Easter Recipes the Whole Family Will LOVE

These vegan Easter recipes make the best festive Spring meals. Easy brunch, dinner, dessert and side dishes that will impress everyone.

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