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Body Fat Machine: Two Reasons You Intend to Purchase

When people are simply weighing themselves every day, and getting a good feel on how much water loss they’re experiencing–what they really need is a machine to tell them how much fat they’re losing.

While you may be congratulating yourself on an overnight three pound weight loss, or struggling because you just can’t seem to be losing any extra weight….perhaps you need a more accurate picture of what’s going on. After all, it’s fat we want to lose, not water.

It’s very true that what gets measured and observed, can be improved. It’s your body fat percentage, as determined by your body fat machine, is what you need to measure and improve. Most of us would not want to go around carrying this yellow blob. We might be comfortable with a little liquid, but come on, who’s comfortable with that?

People get very concerned with their bank balances, their checking account balances, because they feel their very worth is tied up in these numbers. Carrying around excess fat is so damaging to your health. Why are not people concerned with these numbers?

Well, the very fact that you’ve come to this blog indicates that you are the type of person who values their health. It is very easy to look at a chart, and know what is healthy for your sex and age. Only trouble is, most gyms will not have a body fat machine to analyze your body fat; they only have your traditional scales which express your body weight. For less than $100, you can get this number from the comfort of your own home.

Goal Setting People Are Cool

Just like most people set a goal to lose “x” amount of pounds, now you can set a goal to get down to your ideal overall fat percentage using your hand held machine to monitor your progress. Because, I think you can agree, it’s worthwhile to know that as that percentage decreases, the size of those blobs also decreases!

Avoid the hassle at your gym

Most gyms these days are measuring this number. I have yet to see such a machine scale in place. They typically use body fat calipers to get to your body fat number. For this, you have to make a special appointment with one of their trainers or sales people. You might have to endure a sales pitch to get your body fat measured. The results of these measurements go right into your progress card. If the professionals at the gym see a need to monitor this number, shouldn’t you?

So, in summation, who is the ideal candidate for this product? It is that goal oriented person, that person who daily tracks their progress. Progress, whether it be monetary, health, relationships, recreational…..doesn’t matter. This person is serious about tracking an important number, and they need an accurate, relatively easy way to do so. In short, somebody who is serious about looking good, and wanting the positive feedback to know they’re on the right track.

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