Breastfeeding Mom Forced To Stand On Train Gets Last Laugh

His Refusal To Give It Up

Jim Anderson had no idea how valuable a lesson he would learn when he refused to give his seat to a single mom on the train. 

The single mother, Amanda, needed to soothe her crying baby but Jim was occupying the seats designated for mothers.

Amanda had been polite with her requests, but Jim did not budge. Then the situation escalated. Amanda was eventually forced to reveal her identity, and that’s when Jim learned an invaluable lesson.

A Busy Life


Amanda felt like she was experiencing one of the longest days of her life.

She had given birth just two months ago and it had been just short of a week that had passed since she kicked her cheating husband out of the house.

Finances had become tight so Amanda had to return to work earlier than planned. She had so much on the go with taking care of the new baby and work that she was reminded of how busy her days could be.

First Day Back


Catch up on considering it was her first day back at work. Her desk was taken over by case files and she soon began to feel overwhelmed by all the information.

She also had to catch up on the study sessions she had missed. She was worn out by the time the day drew to a close and was looking forward to returning home.

But someone wouldn’t make things that easy for her. They had intentions that would only make her day worse.

At Her Sister’s


Amanda was on the verge of collapse when she arrived at her sister’s place.

But she had a baby to take care of which meant she couldn’t afford a moment’s rest. Amanda bent down and picked up her daughter.

That’s when she realized something was wrong. When she asked her sister about it, she was told that Sarah had been fussy throughout the whole day.

Just As Exhausted


Amanda had a feeling that her daughter was just as tired as she was, but from what?

She thought that rocking her would soothe her but her crying grew louder. She tried feeding her with a bottle but the baby had no interest in it.

With a sigh, Amanda readied her daughter’s things and told her sister it was going to be a long night. She was unaware that the day’s troubles were not yet over.

What Was Wrong?


Amanda continued her attempts to still her baby’s crying as she made her way to the subway, but to no avail. Nothing seemed to soothe her.

She tried pushing Sarah in the stroller, knowing that she usually enjoyed it, but was surprised when her daughter grew more aggravated.

Amanda couldn’t help feeling wretched when they arrived at the subway station. She had reached peak tiredness and she felt awful not knowing what was bothering her baby.

Blurry Vision


Amanda couldn’t hold back her tears and her vision blurred. She was fighting the lump in her throat.

She felt like the world was against her for the first time ever. She had the urge to curl up and cry, but she had a baby for which she had to be strong.

Despite how miserable she was feeling, she had no idea that one individual was about to make her feel worse.

Was She A Bad Mother?


Amanda felt as though all eyes were on her as everyone waited for the train.

Her baby, Sarah, continued to scream and Amanda couldn’t help but feel like she was a terrible mother. She had tried everything she could to soothe her baby and was now at a loss.

But strangers had no idea what she had been through.



The stares started affecting her, and Amanda was grateful when the train arrived.

But another challenge awaited her. People were rushing to get home considering it was after 4 pm which meant the train was crowded.

The railway had implemented an efficient system which Amanda was grateful for because it meant she wouldn’t have to stand up for the entire trip.

Designated Seats


The train had designated seats for pregnant women, elderly or disabled passengers, and those with young children.

All Amanda had to do was reach them.

But she never anticipated that when she got there, she would encounter someone who was determined to have his way. She would not be able to rely on this person for help.

An Arrogant Man

The Boston Globe

Amanda got to the reserved seat and saw a man sitting there.

He didn’t seem to be having any disabilities, nor was he old or with a child.

No, this was just an arrogant businessman who had clearly never stepped foot on a train before. And it looked like his entitlement had gotten the better of him. He wanted to be all alone, and this was the one seat where he could get his privacy.

A Polite Request


Not wanting any more problems than she already had, Amanda cleared her throat and politely asked the man to move to another seat.

He pulled his newspaper down and arched a brow. The man looked up and down the train before waving her off and turning his attention to his phone. Amanda stared at him in disbelief.

Never in her life had she met someone so arrogant.

He Refused To Move


But Amanda didn’t plan on backing down. She had every right to use that seat, whereas he did not.

Once again, she asked him to move to another seat.

The man looked up at her like she was some kind of annoying insect interrupting his Facebook search and said, “No.” Amanda was beyond irritated at this point, but she still tried her best to keep her face as neutral as possible.

More Cries


The more Amanda interacted with the man, the louder little Sarah’s cries became.

It was becoming clear that she wanted to be close to her mother and that she was hungry.

Since the bottle didn’t do the trick, Amanda would have to breastfeed the baby, and she couldn’t really do that while standing on a moving train. But she wasn’t going to let her baby starve because of some snob, either.

A More Direct Approach


Amanda took a deep breath and said, “Sir, you are in a seat that’s reserved for people like me. Please move so I can sit down and feed my child.”

“Are you deaf,” the man asked, his tone laced with annoyance.

“I said I’m not moving. People like you have no right to demand anything from me.”

Others Get Involved

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A wave of gasps echoed through the passengers that surrounded them, and before Amanda could fully comprehend what was happening, three men approached them.

The bystanders started arguing with the man who refused to get up, and before long, more passengers joined the argument.

But it was one woman who inspired Amanda the most.

A Different Tactic


The woman had two small children with her, but instead of sitting in the reserved seat, the three of them were cramped into a one-person seat directly opposite it.

Amanda could only imagine that it had something to do with the man who refused to get up, and she wasn’t going to stand for it. No person should have to struggle because someone else was too arrogant to offer their seat to them.

So Amanda did something she knew would irritate the man.

Feeding Her Baby


Amanda picked up her baby, leaned against the wall opposite the man, and started breastfeeding her child.

The man was clearly shocked by her actions, and it was evident that he was unhappy with the interruption.

Amanda knew that more trouble was headed her way, but with the amount of adrenaline that was coursing through her system, she was ready for anything he wanted to throw at her.

Snide Remarks


At first, the arrogant man was just mumbling under his breath, but then he decided to speak up, and he wasn’t friendly.

He leaned forward, looked Amanda right in the eyes, and said, “You poor people have no idea how to behave yourselves.

Don’t you understand that someone as important as me doesn’t want to see your body parts?”

An Uproar

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The man should’ve kept his mouth shut because those words had the entire wagon up in arms.

Insults were coming in from every corner, and the man had nowhere to hide.

But it was the woman that Amanda noticed earlier that had the most impressive thing to say. “People like you would have nothing if people like us didn’t allow your suppression,” she said as she walked up to him.

Calming The Other Passenger


Amanda could see that the mother of two had reached her limit, and if that man said one more stupid thing, she would get violent.

So, Amanda grabbed her arm and tried to calm her before things went too far. “It’s fine. I can deal with him,” Amanda whispered to the woman.

She already knew what would shut the man up, but she hoped it wouldn’t come to that.

The Conductor Gets Involved


All the commotion that was going on in the wagon got the conductor’s attention, and he came in to see what on earth was going on.

The old man was pushing his way through the disgruntled mob, and when he finally reached the reserved seats and saw Amanda, his expression was one of utter confusion.

A Strange Look


What the arrogant man didn’t know was that Amanda knew the conductor very well, and it wasn’t just because she rode the train on a daily basis.

The two of them shared a look, and Amanda shrugged.

Because of her job, she didn’t usually get involved in such arguments, but this man went too far, and she was determined to teach him a lesson.

Another Refusal


After the conductor heard the whole story, he told the man to move, as he had no right to sit where he was.

It was a place for people who needed the extra space, not for some arrogant man who wanted to stand out from the crowd.

But once again, the man refused to move. And to make matters worse, he decided to take things to the next level.

A New Level Of Arrogance


It seemed like all the attention he was getting had this man’s arrogance levels shooting through the roof.

With a smug smile, he leaned forward and asked the conductor something that had everyone on the train seeing red.

“What makes her more important than me? The fact that a poor woman decided to have a child knowing she couldn’t afford one is not my problem.”



“Just look at you, standing there as if I owe you something,” the man continued. “If you wanted someone like me to respect you, you should’ve finished college.”

The conductor gasped, outraged by what he had just heard, but Amanda just smiled.

If that man had known who he was insulting, he would’ve stopped ages ago.

He Had Enough


The conductor stomped his foot and pulled out his hand radio. “That’s enough!” he said in an authoritative tone. “I will not tolerate such behavior on my train!

The police will hear of this, and I assure you they will be there when we reach our next stop!”

The old man was red with rage, which meant he wasn’t messing around. But Amanda didn’t want things to go that far.

She Stopped Him


The truth was that Amanda wanted the satisfaction of putting this man in his place by herself.

But she would need the conductor’s help to do it.

So she pulled the old man aside and whispered something to him. With a stiff nod, he walked out of the wagon, and Amanda returned to her position. She was about to act, and the man would have no idea what hit him.

Searching Her Purse


Amanda shoved her hand into her purse and felt around for the one thing she needed to go through with her plan.

As she was doing so, she said, “I’m afraid I didn’t get an opportunity to properly introduce myself.

My name is Officer Amanda Heys. And you are under arrest.” She pulled her hand out of her purse and presented her badge to the man.

The Consequences


The man was pale as a sheet as Amanda cuffed him, but he still managed to ask what he was being charged with. “Disturbing the peace and verbal assault,” Amanda said smugly.

When the train reached the next station, the man was escorted out, and to make him feel even worse, the crowd was cheering the officers on. Amanda and the mother of two got to sit in the seats reserved for them, and the man learned a costly lesson.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.

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