Can’t Stop Eating The Stuff You Like And Putting on Weight? Follow Someone Who Has Been There!

Yes that was me. I am the one who was guilty. Guilty about eating all the delicious stuffs I like to eat. I use to eat the delicious junks whenever I am hungry. I use to eat the stuffs I like when I am not hungry. And I was putting on weight. Hey, I work hard for my business! My work involves enough physical movement! Even though, I was putting on weight alarmingly.

Just think that you are working hard. At lunch time, you are feeling a bit hungry. Can you deny a pizza at that moment! How you can deny a yummy, juicy, cheesy Big Mac? Not me, I cannot. In fact, I was the one guilty of waiting for launch time so that I can take a big Big Mac with French fries, drink and all the lovable items comes along. I was the one who uses to think of juicy fried chickens many times in my work before lunch time. The thought of all other delicious foods turned me hungry much early than lunch time!

I have no shame to deny that I like to eat, and I love to eat. And I love to eat the stuffs health conscious people used to call junk food. I also have no shame to admit I made several attempts to stop eating those stuffs, but I failed. What is the reason? Simple, I failed because I do not want to leave the pleasure of eating all the stuffs I like.

But at present? Believe me or not. At present, I do not eat all those junk foods. And daily normal physical movement has begun to shape up my over-weigh physic. However, how did I stop? Well, I just don’t feel like eating like before. I stumbled with a solution that worked perfectly for me. After I start using this anti appetizer I do not feel like eating. At least not all the time likes in the past. I even don’t like to think of food like in the past!

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Source by Khondoker Aminul Islam

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