Carb Cycling – Learn About the Palumbo Diet and What it Shares With the Carb Cycling Diet

Carb Cycling has become quite a big sensation in the body building world. And it is starting to catch on in the lives of every day regular people as well. However, people are starting to wonder about the Palumbo Diet, and if it shares anything with the carb cycling diet. You are about to find that out right now.

Basically what the Palumbo Diet is, is a extreme variation of the carb cycling diet. What it does, is you eat NO carbs through out the day, just only before your weight lifting work out, and once a week on your cheat meal.

Like carb cycling this diet is meant to activate Ketosis in the brain, which will start using kestones in your body, which are stored in fat as energy. This will burn your fat at an accelerated rate while you are off of carbs.

Then, once a week, you get your cheat meal, which refills you, and starts the process over again.

So, yes, the Palumbo diet is a lot like carb cycling, except maybe more so on the extreme range of things. But if you have ever seen any pictures of Dave Palumbo, you will know it seems to work quite well for him. He is a body builder after all, and has won many competitions in his career that certainly does prove his methods, A lot of other builders have taken up his diet and used it with great success as well.

It’s really hard to say who actually came up with this idea first, but, from the results I have seen, and if you have the will power, you will have great success with this diet plan. Just be careful, and don’t over do it to much, if you don’t feel well during this plan, please consult a doctor right away.

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