Couple Kicks Out Neighbor’s Kids From Their Yard, Then Woman Shows Up At Their Door

Good Fences

Human nature can sometimes be a complicated thing. At times, having nice things can turn out to be a bad thing because people tend to have differences of opinion. 

When a couple opened their home to allow the neighborhood kids to play in their backyard, it soon attracted a knock on their door. It was soon evident that there was a problem. 

The New Guys 

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John and Allysa Hart were a relatively young couple when they moved to a new neighborhood. It was their first home, and the couple had not had kids of their own yet. 

At first, they were warmly welcomed by everyone in the neighborhood. However, some people soon began questioning things about them that made them feel uneasy. 

The Hard Way

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The Harts had done the responsible thing and saved for years in order to afford their own home. After a long time, they finally had enough to pay a deposit and were excited at the prospect of being homeowners. 

After viewing a house they both liked in a serene neighborhood, they immediately put in an offer. What started as an exciting new adventure soon brought them more trouble than they’d ever imagined. 

The House 


The house was a dream. It was spacious, the neighborhood was great, and it had a large yard. As a bonus, initially, the neighbors seemed like great people, and it felt like a place they would definitely fit in.

The house had a pretty sweet piece of land attached to it, and a very nice yard was built inside by the previous owner. That nice yard would end up bringing only trouble, though. 

Odd Request

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The Harts had only been living there a few days when a woman came knocking on their door. She made a request that seemed a little odd. 

According to the visitor, the previous owners allowed the kids in the neighborhood to play in their backyard and asked if they were willing to do the same as the kids loved it. The Harts were surprised but felt bad turning down the request, and agreed without knowing what they were in for. 

The Old Couple 

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The made some inquiries and learned that the previous owners were an old couple who never had their own kids. Allowing the neighborhood kids to play in their yard became something of a tradition. 

The Harts felt a little better about accepting the request now but were a little worried about being responsible for other people’s kids. They were assured that if any kids got hurt, no one would hold them responsible. 

The Pooches 


Around the same time, John’s parents moved into a retirement home and gave the couple their two dogs.  Their backyard was ideal for the pooches, and they both settled in well. 

The Harts soon grew to love their new pets like new members of the family. Unfortunately, not everyone shared their love of animals, and it wasn’t long before trouble began brewing. 

Going Well


The dogs naturally spent most of their time in the backyard because of all the space it gave them. Once all the kids began to show up, the dogs got along with them well and joined in with all the fun.  

The kids grew attached to the dogs and even took them on walks. Things seemed to be great at first, and the Harts were happy that they decided to keep up the old couple’s tradition. However, this didn’t last for long. 

The Games

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Usually, the groups of kids would all run around and play together. All seemed well, and there were no incidents or injuries. The kids all really loved their second home, and the Harts were happy to accommodate them. 

Not long after the dogs arrived, the couple were soon forced to rethink their decision. There were problems now that soon brought a woman knocking on their door. 

The Visit

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The Harts were enjoying a relaxing day on their couch when the trouble started. It started with a knock, and it was clear that the visitor was not happy 

The Harts were polite at first, but the visitor was clearly not happy and accused them of creating an unsafe environment for her kids. They were both puzzled and had no idea what she was referring to. 

Weird Request

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On that day, an unknown lady came up to the wife and just went ballistic, demanding they get rid of the dogs. Apparently, her 6-year-old and his friends, who frequented this little park, returned home with their hands smeared in dog mess. 

Unfortunately, there was no official explanation as to why this happened. Still, the couple speculated that the kids were likely playing as faces were drawn on the tree using the dogs’ mess.

The Dogs

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Whatever the case, the woman started demanding they get rid of the dogs, or else her kids wouldn’t come over anymore, and she would press charges for child endangerment. 

Allysa told her off and pointed out that this wouldn’t have happened if she had simply supervised her kids. She and John didn’t have the responsibility to watch the children. 

Shutting It Down

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The woman stormed off angry, but she later returned with a petition with about 6 signatures demanding they get rid of the dogs. This was unbelievable. 

The owners of the lovely property did the complete opposite—they simply closed off the area. They even had the courtesy to leave a sign explaining why. This couldn’t go on. 

Neighborhood Pleads


Some of the nicer neighbors came by after the incident, begging the couple to change their minds. Still, they simply didn’t want to risk another conflict like this, and they weren’t going to supervise the kids. 

Sadly, they were now arguing with the remaining part of the neighborhood, who felt it was unfair that everyone was punished because of this one person.

No Turning Back


But the couple was not planning on changing their minds. They also realized they might risk legal action if a child got hurt on their property. 

And the most important thing, John and Allysa couldn’t compromise their dogs’ safety and well-being for the entertainment of children, no matter how nice they wanted to be to the neighbors.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.

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