Create my Weight with Kristin Akbasli: Live Interview with Abby Lowe, who lost 45 lbs and 31 inches!

If you’re looking for motivation to start your weight loss journey, here it is!

You may have seen glimpses of Abby’s transformation, which started with me in April 2020. This former Keto dieter believed cutting carbs and her favorite foods was the only way she could lose weight.

And could never enjoy her favorite restaurants in the nation’s capital.

Even though she lived downtown, she hated walking, even a few blocks. She Ubered everywhere.

She tried having an accountability partner for fitness, but she never stay committed to her friend, and vice versa. Someone always bailed.

She felt stuck at home during COVID, living in a big city yet feeling like she couldn’t do anything.

She was snacking WAY more than she needed to.

She had always been a stress-eater, and could never control popcorn, chips, and sweets.And she was tired of not having the control.

Tired of feeling stuck.

So she signed up for my 14-day Healthy at Home Challenge in the middle of April, and the rest is history.

From January to mid-April, she lost 10 lbs on her own doing Keto.

From mid-April-July 2020, she lost 25 lbs working with me in Create my Weight (my 12-week program) with Food Freedom– eating bread and butter for breakfast (her favorite) and not being afraid of carbs.

But then Abby’s world changed. At the end of July, her world changed with the unexpected passing of her dad.

But she kept taking care of herself.

This former stress-eater, even during the MOST stressful time in her life, kept up her healthy lifestyle.

From August-September (2 more months), she’s now down 10 more lbs.

That’s a grand total of 45 lbs and 31 inches!

You may have seen her glowing testimony and INSPIRING photos on my Instagram and Facebook group.

Tomorrow (Tuesday), she’s doing a live interview with me in my Facebook group to share how AMAZING she feels, which is even more inspiring than her pictures and numbers.

How someone’s who’s world was crushed in 2020 (like many of us) still sees the light and shines on.✨�

Because in CMW, we learn that no matter what happens in life, our health and happiness is #1!

So if you want to see how Abby transformed, join us tomorrow night at 5:30 PM EST in my FB Group! Link in bio!

Abby and all of my clients like to eat and want to live life to the fullest!

Do you want the same?!

If so, watch this live interview she did for me in my Facebook Group: Weight Loss for People who Love to Eat!

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